Dr. Zeng Hongwei, Associate Professor, Master's Supervisor, Aerospace Information Research Institute Chinese Academy of Sciences

Tel: + 86 10 6488 9563


Address:A 20 Datun Road North, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Postal code: 100101

Research Areas

I am a researcher in the CropWatch team at AIRCAS/CAS, led by Prof. Bingfang Wu, and I am also an MSc student supervisor at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. My research areas include water resources management, agricultural remote sensing and dryland ecosystems. In particular, I have a strong interest in the application of earth observationte chniques and machine learning to water, land and agriculture. I have published more than 60 papers and developed two software (Downscaler and ET Seperator). My research areas are listed below.

Integrated water resources management in river basins

  • Downscaling algorithms for remotely sensed precipitation
  • Separation of anthropogenic and natural factors in ET
  • Allowable water consumption estimation

Remote sensing monitoring of agriculture (Website:

  • Crop type classification
  • Crop yield prediction
  • Food security condition assessment

Remote sensing monitoring of  ecosystem

  • Soil erosion
  • Land Desertification


2009/09-2012/06, Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Natural Resources, Ph D
2007/09-2009/06, State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering for Surveying, Wuhan University, Mapping and Remote Sensing, Cartography and Geographic Information System, MS.
2002/09-2006/06, School of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Central China Normal University, Geography & Computer Sciences, BS


Work Experience

2019/04-, Deputy Director of the Ecosystem Remote Sensing Department, State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science, Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2016/01-, Associate Professor, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2012/07-2016/01, Assistant Professor, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences

International appointments

2017/06-, the Earth Observation Organization Global Agricultural Monitoring Flagship Program (GEOGLAM), member of the Executive Committee


Papers(*Corresponding Author)

  1. Zeng Hongwei, Bingfang Wu*, Weiwei Zhu, Ning Zhang. A trade-off method between environment restoration and human water consumption: A case study in Ebinur Lake. Journal of Cleaner Production 2019, 217, 732-741(SCI, IF=11.072)
  2. Zeng Hongwei, Abdelrazek Elnashar, Wu Bingfang*, Zhang Miao, Zhu Weiwei, Tian Fuyou, Ma Zonghan. A framework for separating natural and anthropogenic contributions to evapotranspiration of human-managed land covers in watersheds based on machine learning. Science of The Total Environment 2022, 823, 153726. (SCI, IF = 10.754)
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Research Interests

Our aim is to contribute to the achievement of SDG 2 and SDG 6. My interest focuses on remote sensing in agriculture and water resources management, and my team has a strong interest in the application of advanced technologies in agriculture and water resources.

Integrated water resources management in river basins

  • We focus on downscaling algorithms for key water cycle elements at the basin scale, separation of natural and anthropogenic contributions to changes in evapotranspiration, and the amount of allowable water consumption in a basin.
  • Currently, our team has developed an automated software (Downscaler) using machine learning algorithms that can be used to downscale hydrological parameters such as precipitation, and developed a software for separating the contribution of evapotranspiration (ETSeperator)

Agricultural remote sensing monitoring

  • arable land extraction, crop type identification and crop yield prediction.
  • Currently, our team has constructed a crop yield prediction model coupled with seven machine learning algorithms to achieve accurate prediction of soybean yield at the county level.


Abdelrazek Elnashar,  Ph D candidate, Egypt, 070503-GIS (First supervisor: Bingfang Wu, Second supervisor: Hongwei Zeng)

Awetahegn Niguse Beyene, Ph D candidate, Ethiopia, 070503-GIS (First supervisor: Bingfang Wu, Second supervisor: Hongwei Zeng)

Battsetseg Tuvdendorj, Ph D candiate, Mongolia, 070503-GIS (First supervisor: Bingfang Wu, Second supervisor: Hongwei Zeng)

Yuanchao Li, Master student, China, 070503-GIS 

Yueran Hu, Master student, China, 070503-GIS

Honors & Distinctions

Title of Achievement: Science and Technology Progress Award of Dayu Water Conservancy Science and Technology Award

Level of Award: Province

Grade of Award: Second prize

Date of Award: December 2021

Authors: Bingfang Wu, Nana Yan, Hongwei Zeng, Weiwei Zhu, Yonghui Yang