YANG Yimin 
Email: yiminyang@ucas.ac.cn
Telephone: 00861088256417
Address:Yuquanlu 19A, Beijing, China

Research Areas

1. Ancient organic residue analysis, specially proteomics, including ancient Chinese medicine, cosmetic, wine, ink, carbonized material, salt residue etc.
2. Ancient beads
3. Ancient Ceramics and glass

4. Tool marks analysis for ancient artifacts through three-dimensional reconstruction by micro CT and digital microscope


2000-2005, Ph. D, Department of History of Science and Archaeometry, majoring in archaeometry, USTC (University of Science and Technology of China)

2004-2005, visiting student in Universitaet Mainz, Institut fuer Anthropologie, Germany

1995-2000, B.A., Information Management and Decision Science, majoring in Editing and Publishing, USTC

1998-2000, B.E., Department of Electronic Science and Technology, majoring in Computer Science and Technology (double bachelor), USTC


Work Experience
Jun.2014-   Professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS)
Jul.2008-Jun.2014, Assistant Professor, Department of Scientific History and Archaeometry, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS) Apr.2008-present, the Member of Youth Partner Group of Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and GUCAS, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jul. 2005-Jun.2008, Lecturer, Department of Scientific History and Archaeometry, GUCAS
Mar.2001-Jul. 2001, Teaching Assistant, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)

Teaching courses

Molecular Archaeology
The history of glass
China Introduction (for oversea students)

Selected Publications

Accepted(*corresponding author):


Ren, M., Tang, Z., Wu, X., Spengler, R., Jiang, H., *Yang, Y., Boivin, N., 2019. The origins of cannabis smoking: Chemical residue evidence from the first millennium BCE in the Pamirs, Science Advances 5, eaaw1391.


孙青丽,朔知,吴妍,杨益民*, 2019. 安徽含山凌家滩遗址出土刻槽盆的淀粉粒分析, 人类学学报, 132-147.


RAO, H., WANG, Q., REN, X., ZHANG, Z., HUANG, W., YUAN, Q., JIANG, X., *Yang, Y. 2019. Earliest use of birch bark tar in Northwest China: evidence from organic residues in prehistoric pottery at the Changning site. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany.


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current projects

[1] Bone chemistry and residue analysis, supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2011-2015
[2] Manufacture Techniques Research about excavated jade and stone artifacts from Xuejiagang Site, supported by National Natural Science foundation of China, 2009-2011 
[3] Residue analysis for animal and plant exploitation in prehistoric Lop Nur,Xinjiang: case study Xiaohe cemetry, supported by National Natural Science foundation of China, 2012-2015