Prof. Dr. Chen Yonghai    Institute of Semiconductors
Telephone: 010-82304627
Address: No.A35, QingHua East Road, Haidian District, Beijing P R China
Postcode: 100083

Research Areas

1 Low-dimensional semiconductor materials;
2 New nano-composite materials;
3 Semiconductor spectroscopy techniques and their applications
4 Spin physics in semiconductors


1990   Peiking University              Bachelor of Science
1993   University of Science & Technology Beijing    Master’s degree
1998   Institute of Semiconductors, CAS      Doctor’s degree


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(2) Abnormal temperature dependent photoluminescence of excited states of InAs/GaAs quantum dots: Carrier exchange between excited states and ground states,JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS,2011,
(3) Effects of ultra-low Al alloying In(Al) As layer on the formation and evolution of InAs/GaAs quantum dots ,JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS,2011,
(4) Carrier tunneling effects on the temperature dependent photoluminescence of InAs/GaAs quantum dot: Simulation and experiment ,JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS,2011,
(5) Valence band offset of InN/BaTiO(3) heterojunction measured by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy ,NANOSCALE RESEARCH LETTERS,2011,
(6) Spin splitting modulated by uniaxial stress in InAs nanowires ,JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER,2011,
(7) Observation of strong anisotropic forbidden transitions in (001) InGaAs/GaAs single-quantum well by reflectance-difference spectroscopy and its behavior under uniaxial strain ,NANOSCALE RESEARCH LETTERS,2011,
(8) Photorefractive effects in ZnO nanorod doped liquid crystal cell ,APPLIED OPTICS,2011,
(9) Room-temperature spin photocurrent spectra at interband excitation and comparison with reflectance-difference spectroscopy in InGaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells ,JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS,2011,
(10) The transition from two-stage to three-stage evolution of wetting layer of InAs/GaAs quantum dots caused by postgrowth annealing ,APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS,2011,
(11) Optical properties of InAsSb nanostructures embedded in InGaAsSb strain reducing layer ,PHYSICA E,2011,
(12) Optical identification of electronic state levels of an asymmetric InAs/InGaAs/GaAs dot-in-well structure ,NANOSCALE RESEARCH LETTERS,2011,

Nanoscale semiconductor technique (chinese)  Chemical Industry Press  2006.04.12



周立  硕士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

丁飞  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

郝国栋  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

刘根华  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

贾彩虹  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

周晓龙  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

周冠宇  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

郭玉冰  硕士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

蒋崇云  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

俞金玲  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

马惠  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

武树杰  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

高寒松  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

张宏毅  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

秦旭东  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

朱来攀  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

李远  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

邬庆  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

杨冠卿  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

黄威  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

于天  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  


张洋  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

黎昆  硕士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

曾晓琳  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

吴静  博士研究生  0805Z2-半导体材料与器件  

朱申波  硕士研究生  085204-材料工程