Prof. Dr. Shao-Wei Wang

State Key Laboratory of Infrared Physics
Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics
Chinese Academy of Sciences

500 Yu-Tian Road, Shanghai 200083, China

Tel: 0086-21-2505 1864
Fax: 0086-21-6583 0734

Research Interests

Artificial photonic structure and devices, such as photonic crystal, metamaterial, metasurface, interaction between high-Q optical cavity and low-dimensional materials, nano lasers, integrated-cavities for micro-spectrometers, solar selective absorbers, and optical thin films.

Welcome to join my group!

Group members:

     Prof. Shaowei Wang

    Assoc. Prof. Ruonan Ji

    Engineer Jie Wu

Post doctors:

1.      Qingquan LIU (2022.7-, From Beijing Institute of Technology, China2022上海市超级博士后)

2.      Md. Dulal HAQUE (2022.12-, PhD of Saitama University, JapanAssoc. Prof. of Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Bangladesh

PhD students:

1.      Maobing XIE (2019.9-, From South China Agricultural University华南农业大学, China)

2.       Leiying XIE (2019.9-, From Hangzhou Dianzi University, China)(2020上海科技大学第三届创新创业大赛一等奖)

3.      Xueyu GUAN (2020.9-, From Tianjin university天津大学, China)

4.       Faizan AHMAD (2023.5-, From Hazara University, Pakistan)

5.      Yinan WANG (2022.9-, From Jilin University吉林大学, China)

6.       Iqra MAMOON (2023.2-, From University of Punjab, Pakistan)

7.      Hengyi CUI (2021.9-, From Xiangtan university, China)

8.      Peiqi YU (2021.9-, From Southwest University of Science and Technology, China)

9.       Muhammad Adnan (2023.9-, From University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan)

10.    Annisa Gulzar (2023.9-, From National Institute of Technology Srinagar J&K India)

Master degree students:

1.       Usama NASIR (2023.5-, From Hazara University, Pakistan)

2.      Zekun LI (2021.9-, From Xidian university, China)

3.      Huandong HU (2022.9-, From Xiangtan university, China)

4.      Xingyu TANG (2022.9-, From Hunan university湖南大学, China)

5.      Xinru LI (2022.9-, From Qingdao University of Science & Technology, China)

6.      Qixiang JIA (2022.9-, From Zhengzhou university, China)

7.      Lin XU (2022.9-, From Lanzhou university兰州大学, China)

8.      Ce SHI (2022.9-, From Nanchang university, China)

9.      Yuyao Liang (2023.9-, From University of Electronic Science and Technology of China电子科技大学)

Graduated students(毕业研究生):


1.      Feiliang CHEN (2010.9-2015.7)2015上海市优秀毕业生;2015中国科学院大学优秀毕业生;2015隆文优秀奖Assoc. Prof. of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China电子科技大学

2.      Xingxing LIU (2011.9-2016.12) Applied Materials company美国应用材料公司AM

3.        Ruonan JI (2013.9-2016.12)2017上海市优秀毕业生;2017隆文特别奖;2016隆文优秀奖Assoc. Prof. of Northwestern Polytechnical University西北工业大学任教六年多后回所, China

4.      Qingquan LIU (2016.9-2022.6) Post doctor of SITP, CAS2022中国科学院大学优秀毕业生2022上海市超级博士后

5.      Zhiyi XUAN  (2017.9-2022.6)2022中国科学院大学优秀学生干部 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd华为

6.      Zhuangzhuang CUI (2016.9--2022.12) Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd华为.

7.      XinChao ZHAO (2017.9--2022.12) Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd华为

8.       Shahid HUSSAIN (2019.9-2023.6, From COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan)2023 Excellent International Graduate.

9.      Chenlu LI (2017.9-2023.9, From Tianjin university天津大学, China) 上海微电子装备(集团)股份有限公司

10.   Zhiqin YIN (2018.9-2023.9, From Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, China) (2022 年第二届率先杯未来技术创新大赛决赛优胜奖;2022年中国国际高新技术成果交易会优秀产品奖;2022国科大杯创新创业大赛总决赛三等奖)上海微电子装备(集团)股份有限公司

Master degree:

1.        Yi ZHANG (2015.6-2017.6) 上海申通地铁集团有限公司, China

2.        Mingfei WU (2015.6-2018.6) company, China

3.        Ying ZHI (2015.6-2018.6) teacher, China

4.         Yajing WANG (2015.6-2018.6) 华虹半导体, China

5.        Xu CHEN (2016.6-2019.6) 苏州长光华芯光电技术有限公司, China

6.        Yanhong YAN (2016.6-2019.6) 中科芯集成电路股份有限公司中电科58, China  

7.        Zhiyong WU (2017.6-2020.6), PhD student of Fudan university, China

8.        Jianguo ZHU (2017.6-2020.6) Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd, China(中国石化上海石油化工股份有限公司)

9.        Anqiang XU (2018.9-2021.6) company, China

10.     Yi ZUO (2019.9-2022.6) company, China

11.     Jiacheng LUO (2019.9-2022.6) , PhD student of Fudan university, China

12.     Na WANG (2020.9-2023.6, From Fudan university, China)(中航凯迈(上海)红外科技有限公司)

13.     Yunpeng LI (2020.9-2023.9, From Shandong university, China)(中兴公司)

14.     Yuanyu ZHU (2020.9-2023.9, From Heilongjiang university, China)(公司)

Publications (#co-first authors, *corresponding author):

Cover papers:

Nanoscale, 2023, 15, 11466


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Honors & Distinctions

Shanghai Technological Invention Award (2020, 2th principal achiever)

Excellent members of Youth Innovation Promotion AssociationCAS (2016)

National Natural science award (2014, 4th principal achiever)

Members of Youth Innovation Promotion AssociationCAS (2012)

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LU JIAXI Young talent award (2009)

Shanghai Rising-Star continued (2008)

Shanghai Natural science award (2007, 5th principal achiever)

RAO YUTAI basic optical award (2007)

Shanghai Rising-Star (2005)


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University of Science & Technology China

Nanjing University, China

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