Prof. Qixiang Ye 

Address: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, A-2 BLDG, RM.457,  Huairou District, Beijing, China, 101408.

Co-Funding Pri-SDL with Prof. Jianbin Jiao & Zhenjun Han

Email: qxye at ucas dot ac dot cn  ScholarPage 

Phon: 86-10-69671881

General Info

Qixiang Ye is a full professor with the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2016. He is one of the funding directors of pattern recognition and intelligent system development (Pri-SDL) lab. He received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology, China, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree from the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was a visiting assistant professor with the Institute of Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS), University of Maryland, College Park until 2013 and a visiting scholar of Duke University EECS in 2016. His research interests include visual object detection and machine learning, especially for feature representation learning, weakly supervised learning, self-supervised learning for visual object sensing. With more than 180 papers published in refereed conferences and journals including IEEE T-ITS, TIP, TNN, T-PAMI, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, AAAI, and NeurIPS. Dr. Ye received the Sony Outstanding Paper Award and the LuJiaXi Young Researcher Award. He is an SPC of IJCAI 2020 and 2021 and on the editor board of IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation System and IEEE Transactions on Circuit and System on Video Technology.


Mar. 2022, Dynamic Support Network paper accepted by TPAMI. Con! [Bob]

Mar. 2022, Self-supervised Motion Perception paper accepted by TNNLS. Con! [Chang]

Jan. 2022, Convex-Hull paper accepted by T-CSVT. Con! [Zonghao]

July. 2021, Three Papers Accepted by ICCV2021, Con! [Yi, Zhiliang, Wei]!

!July. 2021, Long-tailed Distribution Adaptatoin Accepted by ACMMM2021, Con![Zhiliang]!

Mar. 2021, Five Papers Accepted by CVPR 2021, Con![Binghao, Tianning, Zonghao, Bohao, Yuchao]

Feb. 2021, Harmonic Feature Activation (HFA) for few-shot learning is accepted by TIP. Con! [Binghao]

Jan. 2021, FreeAnchor is accepted by T-PAMI. Con! [Xiaosong]

Dec. 2020, Two papers are accepted by AAAI2020 [Con! Fang, and Mengying]

Nov. 2020, A ToolBox for general image-to-mask tasks SDL-Skeleton is released. [Code]

Oct. 2020, Fang Wan Recieved 100 Outstanding Ph.D thesis, CAS, [Con! Fang]

Aug. 2020, IJCAI 2021, Senior Programm Committee (SPC) Member

Aug. 2020, Anual Progress Review at Valse 2020 [slides]

Jul. 2020: Four papers are accepted by ECCV 2020. Con![Boyu, Pengxu, Xinshuan, Yunpeng] 

Apr. 2020:  SRN(Side-Output Residual Network [source_code])Accepted by IEEE TNNLS,Con! WeiKe

Mar. 2020: To be NeurIPS, ECCV 2020 Program Committee Member.

Mar. 2020: Five papers are accepted by CVPR 2020. Con![WeiKe,Chang,YiYaoYuan, Yunpeng] 

Nov. 2019: Two papers are accepted by AAAI 2020, SPSTracker achieves highest EAO. Con! [Chang, Qintao]

Oct. 2019: To be IJCAI2020 Senior Programm Committee (SPC) Member

Sep. 2019: Two papers are accepted by NeurIPS 2019, FreeAnchor-Best One-stage Detector. Con! [Xiaosong and HuJie]

Jul. 2019: Two papers are accepted by ICCV 2019, Con! [Yao Ding and Haolan]

Jun. 2019: We won the CVPR 2019 SkelNetOn 2019, Con! [Chang]

Mar.2019: A Large-scale Security Inspection X-ray Benchmark (SixRay) released. CVPR2019 paper [pdf]  [iFeng News] [Con! CaiJing].

Feb.2019: Five Papers accepted to IEEE CVPR 2019 [Con! Fang,  Yi, Chang, and CaiJing].

Feb.2019: Weakly Supervised Object Detection, Localization, and Instance Segmentation: A Tutorial at Valse Seminar [TalkSlides]
Jan.2019: Min-entropy Latent Model for Weakly Supervised Object Detection Accepted by PAMI [Con! Fang][paper][torch-code][pytorch-code]
Dec.2018: Outstanding Researcher of Younth Innovation Promotion Association,  Chinese Academy of Sciences [News]
Jun.2018:  Invited Talk about Side-residual Network and Linear Span Network at SumSung Research [Slides-Paper-Code]
Mar.2018: Three Papers accepted At IEEE CVPR 2018, inlcuding a spotlight paper [Con!Yanzhao, Weijian, Fang].
Mar.2018: Wei Ke, my first PH.D student, was hornored CAS President Award [Link]
Sep.2017: Winner of first Aerial Object Detection Competition [Con! Yanzhao, Weijian, Fanand Yi] [News]
Mar.2017: Winer of ICCV 2017 Symmetry Detection Competition [Link]
Mar.2017: Three Papers accepted At IEEE CVPR 2017, , inlcuding an Oral paper [Con! WeiKe,Yanzhao] [News]
Jun. 2016: Invited Talk about Text Detection and Recognition[PAMI Survey Paper]
May.2015: Natural Science Award from Chinese Institute of Electronics.
May.2014: Young Researcher Promotion Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences [News]


1. Bachelor and Master of science, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
2. Ph.D in computer science, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
3. Visiting Assitant Professor of University of Maryland, College Park
4. Visiting Scholar of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke 
5. Full Professor of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences


PH.D and Masters

1.  Yuan Yao              Ph.D  student since fall 2017. Research Areas:  Self-supervised Feature Learning

2.  Xiaosong Zhang     Ph.D  student since fall 2018. Research Areas:  Visual Object Detection

3.  Boyu Yang            Ph. D student since fall 2018. Research Areas: Few-shot Incremental Learning 

4.  Binghao Liu          Ph. D student since Spring 2018. Research Areas: Few-shot Incremental Learning 

5. Zhiliang Peng       Ph. D student since fall 2019. Research Areas: Self-supervised Feature Learning

6.  Zonghao Guo       Ph. D student since fall 2019. Research Areas: Visual  Object Detection

7.  Mengying Fu         Ph.D  student since fall 2019. Research Areas:  Active Learning for Detection

8. Feng Liu               Master student since fall 2020. Research Areas:  Active Learning for Detection

9. Mingxiang Liao   Master student since fall 2020. Research Areas:  Weakly Supervised Object Detection

10. Bohao Li              Master student since fall 2020. Research Areas:  Few-shot Object Detection

11. Xuran Lu             Master student since fall 2021. Research Areas:  Visual Object Detection

12. Hongtian Yu         Master student since fall 2021. Research Areas:  Visual Object Detection

13. Xiaozhong Chen  Master student since fall 2021. Research Areas:  Few-shot Object Detection


1. Bo Wu                (2011)  Master , Visual Object Detection, Agricalture Bank of China
2. Dongsheng Yu   (2011)   Master, , Visual Object Detection,  Tecent
3. Jixiang Liang      (2013)  Master, Visual Object Detection, Agricalture Bank of China  (Hornored Natinal Scholarship 2012) 
4. Yaozhang           (2015)  Master, Visual Object Detection,   China Aerospace Science and Industrial Corporation
5. Yanting Cui         (2015)  Master, Visual Object Detection,  Alibaba
6. Xiansong Huang (2017)  Master, Visual Object Detection, Ctrip
7. Yanran  Liu         (2017)  Master, Visual Object Detection,  Datang Telecom
8. Wei Ke                (2018)  Ph. D , Object and Symmetry Detection, Carnegie Mellon University,  (Hornored Natinal Scholarship, CAS President Scholarship 2017) 

9. Caijing Miao         (2019) Master, Weakly Supervised Object Detection, KingSoft

10. Fang Wan          (2019)  Ph. D, Weakly Supervised Object Detection, UCAS

11. Haolan Xue        (2020) Master, Weakly Supervised Object Detection, Alibaba DAMO

12. Tianliang Zhang (2020) Ph. D,  Visual Object Detection, Tecent,  (Hornored Natinal Scholarship 2020) 

13. Chang Liu           (2021)  Ph. D,  Self-supervised Learning, Tsinghua University(Hornored Natinal Scholarship 2020) 

14. Wei Gao              (2021) Master, Weakly Supervised Object Detection, Alibaba

15.  Tianing Yuan      (2022)Master, Active Object Detection, Huawei

16. Yunxiao Zhang    (2022)Master,  Few-shot Incremental Learning

17. Zixiang Zhong    (2022)Master,  Few-shot Incremental Learning

18. Jinge Ma             (2021) Bachelor, Visual Object Detection,  University of Michigan, USA     

19. Tianren Ma        (2022) Bachelor, Visual Object Detection,    UCAS

20. Yumeng Zhang  (2022) Bachelor,  Johns Hopkins University, USA

Honors & Distinctions

1.Outstanding Researcher of Youth Innovation Promotion Association, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2018. 

2."LuJiaXi" Outstanding Young Researcher Awards, 2014
3.Top-10 most Cited Papers in The Past Five Years of Image and Vision Computing, 2010
4.Outstanding Course of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2007 and 2009
5.CAS-Sony Outstanding Paper Award 2005
6.Scholarship of Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2005


Object Detection (new)

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Weakly Supervised & Self-Learning 

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Feature Learning

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Object Detection (older)

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