Tengfei Long

Aerospace Information Research Institute (AIR), Chinese Academy of Sciences


Address: No.9 Dengzhuang South Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100094

Research Areas

  • Remote sensing image processing and application

  • Intelligent remote sensing information mining

  • Quantification of Chinese satellite data

  • Forest and burned area mapping

  • Noctilucent remote sensing


2013-09--2016-07 PhD, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, CAS

2008-09--2011-07 Master, Earth Observation and Digital Earth Science Center, CAS

2004-09--2008-07 Bachelor, Wuhan University


Work Experience

2020-12~now, Associate Professor, Aerospace Information Research Institute , Chinese Academy of Sciences

2019-06~2020-12, Research Assistant, Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2014-02~2019-06, Research Assistant, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2011-07~2014-01, Research Intern, Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Social Service

2020-12-31-2024-12-30, Youth Editor of "Remote Sensing Technology and Application" journal

2020-12-29-2021-12-28, Topic Editor and Guest Editor of "Remote Sensing" journal



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(1) Image geometric correction method based on surface features, invention, 2012, first author, patent number: ZL201210055511.4

(2) Rational function model parameter solution and full-parameter optimization method based on l1 norm constraint, Invention, 2014, 1st author, patent number: ZL201410352962.3

(3) Calculation method of zenith angle and azimuth angle of satellite image pixel observation, Invention, 2014, 1st author, patent number: ZL201410352963.8

(4) Universal multi-source remote sensing image geometric correction model joint adjustment method, invention, 2010, first author, patent number: ZL201010242711.1

(5) An online automatic matching method for geometric correction of remote sensing images, invention, 2015, first author, patent number: ZL201510634043.X

(6) High-precision geometric positioning method for remote island satellite image RPC model, invention, 2017, first author, patent number: ZL201710373884.9

Books/Book chapters

(1) Atlas of Urbanization and Ecological Environment of Wuhan Urban Agglomeration, Surveying and Mapping Press, 2015-06, No. Other Author 

(2) Urbanization of Wuhan Urban Agglomeration and Its Eco-environmental Effects, Science Press, 2017-06, 2nd author 

(3) Global Ecological Environment Remote Sensing Monitoring 2019 Annual Report (Global Forest Cover and Changes), Science Press, 2019-12, No. Other Authors 

(4) Remote Sensing Information Engineering, Science Press, 2020-12, 3rd author


(1) Research on the theory and method of real-time service of downlink data from remote sensing satellites based on cognitive computing, participation, national level, 2018-01--2022-12

(2) Multi-feature ground uncontrolled coordinated positioning of satellite image sequences based on relaxation constraints, host, national level, 2018-01--2020-12

(3) Youth Innovation Promotion Association, chairperson, ministerial level, 2019-01--2022-12

(4) Earth Big Data Science Project-CASEarth DataBank System Construction, Participation, Ministry Level, 2018-01--2022-12

(5) The second comprehensive scientific investigation of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau-Remote sensing retrieval of ecosystem characteristic parameters, participation, national level, 2019-01--2024-12

(6) Quantitative processing of global multi-source satellite data with 30m resolution, chairperson, national level, 2016-01--2021-12

(7) RTU product development of full-time series surface reflectance geographic grid, presided over, ministerial level, 2021-01--2021-12



温春晖  硕士研究生  085700-资源与环境  

王龙飞  硕士研究生  070503-地图学与地理信息系统  

Honors & Distinctions

(1) Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award, second prize, provincial level, 2021

(2) Hainan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, second prize, provincial level, 2018

(3) Hainan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, First Prize, Provincial Level, 2015