Yang Li, Ph. D.  Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica 
: 02150803107
Address: Songtao Road 646, Shanghai, China
Postcode: 201203 

Research Areas

1. Structure and function of potassium channels.
Ion channels are the key components in generation and propagation of electrical impulses in nervous systems, also are important drug targets of neurological diseases. We combined single channel electrophysiology, molecular and structural biology techniques to study regulation mechanism of potassium channels; established a high throughput screening platform to screening for inhibitors with high affinity and specificity.

2. Pharmacological mechanisms of mental illness and new drug discovery.
On the basis of research progress of dopaminergic system at SIMM, we integrated biochemical pharmacology, patch clamp electrophysiology and behavioral evaluation of animal models, to carry out the pharmacological research of anti-neuropsychiatric disorders and drug screening. We evaluate a series of natural products and derivative compounds for drug leaders of antidepressants with a focusing on the targets of dopamine receptors and serotonin receptors. Following the strategy of "pharmacology efficacy tells the mechanism", we further explore the mechanism of monoamine drugs and antidepressants with new mechanisms.


1988/09 - 1992/06, Shandong University, Department of Biology, undergraduate
1996/09- 1999/06, East China Normal University, Masters
1999/09-2002/06, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Ph.D.


2002/08 - 2004/11, the American University of Texas Health Institute (San Antonio),
Department of Physiology, postdoctoral, Supervisor: Mark Shapiro
2004/11- 2009/09, the American University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas), Department of Physiology,
Postdoctoral, Assistant Instructor, Supervisor: Youxing Jiang.
2009/09-current, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, pharmacology II, "Hundred Talents" researcher, professor



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