Name:                Junxi Wang

Title:                  Professor

Birth Date:         July 27, 1975

Gender:              Male

Health:               Excellent

Marital status:    Married

Nationality:        P.R.CHINA

Telephone:        +8610-82305247

Mobile:              +86 136 8358 7121


Research Areas

Nitride-based materials growth;

UV, Green and Blue LED&LD;

Optoelectronic device;


Sep. 2000- Jun. 2003               Institute of Semiconductors

                                                   Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, P.R.China

                                                   Ph.D. degree in Material Physics and Chemistry awarded in August 2003.

                                                   Ph.D. Thesis Topic: MBE based GaN materials growth and Device Fabrication for microelectronic applications. 

Sep. 1998- Aug. 2000            Joint-Educationed by

                                                   Northwest University, Xi’an, P.R.China.   And

                                                   Institute of Semiconductors

                                                   Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, P.R.China

                                                   M.S. degree in Physics awarded in June 2000

                                                   M.S. Thesis Topic: Growth and characterization of GaN grown by NH3-MBE

Sep. 1994- Aug. 1998            Northwest University, Xi’an, P.R.China

                                                   B.S. degree in Physics awarded in June 1998

Sep. 1991- Aug. 1994            High School of Xi’an City, Xi’an, P.R.China

                                                   High school.

Sep. 1988- Aug. 1991            The Sixth School of Xi’an City, Xi’an, P.R.China

                                                   Junior High School


Work Experience

2003.7 – 2007.10 Assistant Professor, Institute of Semiconductors, CAS

                                Beijing, P.R. China

2007.11 – present Professor, Institute of Semiconductors, CAS

                                Beijing, P.R. China


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Research Interests

1. Growth & Characterization of Nitrides Semiconductor Materials

2. LED Materials and Devices

3. LED Applications


(1)Research Progress on AlGaN-based Ultraviolet   2017-09-18

(2)Research Status and Development Trend of Deep Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes   The 2th China Symposium on the Wide band gap semiconductor   2017-08-10

(3)Generation of Solar Spectrum by Using LEDs 15th International Conference on Solid State Lighting and LED-Based Illumination Systems 2016-08-31

(4) Study on AlN-based Hybrid Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonator with Low Temperature Coefficient of Frequency 13th China International Forum on Solid State Lighting / International Forum on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors China 2016-11-15

(5) Visible light communication and lighting using Laser Diodes 16th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices 2016-07-15

(6) Growth and optical properties of gallium nitride film on glass substrates 11th International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors  2015-08-30



贠利君  硕士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

张宁  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

羊建坤  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

冯向旭  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

董鹏  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

付丙磊  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

张勇辉  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

朱邵歆  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

黄宇亮  硕士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

任鹏  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

赵云  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

张硕  硕士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

郭亚楠  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

熊卓  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

孙雪娇  博士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

吴卓辉  硕士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

冯梁森  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

张翔  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

杨帅  博士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

杨宇铭  硕士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

张亮  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

常洪亮  博士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

赵捷  博士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  


梁冬冬  博士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

李燕  博士研究生  0805Z2-半导体材料与器件  

陈仁锋  硕士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

王新维  博士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

张琪  硕士研究生  085400-电子信息  

王大地  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

蒋宗霖  硕士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

王璐璐  博士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

吴涵  硕士研究生  085400-电子信息  

张睿洁  博士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  

Honors & Distinctions

(1) Key Technologies of Gallium Nitride Based UV and Deep UV LEDs, Second Prize, National level, 2015

(2) Low thermal resistance and high luminous efficiency sapphire-based GaN LED material epitaxy and chip technology, Second Prize, National level, 2014

(3) High performance high power LEDs epitaxy, chip and integration technology, First Prize, Provincial level, 2012

(4) High quality GaN epitaxial material, Second Prize, Provincial level, 2012