Jinyong Wang, Ph.D., joined Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in July 2021 as principal investigator (Full Professor), member of 100-talents Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Wang obtained his doctoral degree at Zhejiang University, China. He successively took postdoctoral training at Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), and University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison). His lab is interested in stem cell biology, hematopoietic/immune cell regeneration, and cell therapy.


Email: wangjinyong AT

Research Areas

Regeneration of Blood and immune​ lineages from pluripotent stem cells for translational purpose.


Work Experience

2021.7-, Institute of Zoology, CAS, Principal Investigator

2012.03-2021.6,  Guangzhou Insititutes of Biomedicine and Health,CAS, Principal Investigator

2007.09-2012.02, Medical College of Wisconsin &Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison, Research Associate(Post Doc), Assistant Scientist


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Research Interests

Stem cell biology,

Blood and Immune cell biology,

Immune cell theray



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