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Postcode: 100093

Research Areas

Molecular phylogenetics and phylogenomics (Oryza, Adenophora, Aconitum, etc.)

Plant speciation and polyploid evolution (Oryza, Adenophora, etc.)

Plant population biology and conservation genetics, with particular emphasis on the endangered plants in China


1993  Ph.D.    Institute of Botany, CAS      Plant Systematics and Evolution

1986  M.Agr.   Nanjing Forestry University   Plant Genetics and Breeding

1982  B.S.     Nanjing Forestry University    Forestry


Work Experience

1994-present:  Institute of Botany (CAS), Beijing, China; Molecular phylogenetics and phylogenomics of the rice tribe and genus; Conservation genetics of the wild rice and many endangered plants in China; Speciation and adaptation of the plants.

2003 (3 months): University of California at Irvine, USA (visiting scholar, with B. S. Gaut); Molecular evolution of the rice genus.

1998-1999:  Michigan State University, USA (visiting scholar, with Tao Sang); Molecular phylogeny of the genus Oryza L.

1996 (6 months): Washington University, USA (visiting scholar, with B. A. Schaal); Conservation genetics of the wild rice in China,  Molecular systematics of the genus Adenophora Fisch.

1990-1994:  Institute of Botany (CAS), Beijing, China; Taxonomy and evolution of the genus Adenophora Fisch.; Conservation biology of the main endangered plants in China.

1986-1990:  Southwest Forestry College, Kunming, China; Studies on karyotype and chromosome Banding of Forest Trees.

1982-1986: Nanjing Forestry university, Nanjing, China; Genetic improvement of masson Pine (Pinus massoniana Lamb.).

Honors & Distinctions

2004  The Hundred Talent Plan of CAS

2001  CAS Young Scientist Award, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2000  Outstanding Young Scientist Award, National Natural Science Foundation of China

1993  The President's Prize for Graduate Students, Chinese Academy of Sciences

1987  Teaching Prize, Southwest Forestry College


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