冯常 男 汉族 硕导 光电技术研究所
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Address: Shuangliu 350 mail,Chengdu ,Sichua
Postcode: 610209

Research Areas

       In recent years, mainly engaged in the special field of nuclear emergency robot, special photoelectric detection equipment, radiation resistant, underwater video imaging machine vision technology, and nuclear with special lighting system etc.


     In 2003, I graduated from university of electronic science and technology in optical engineering with a master's degree.


Work Experience
      I have been working in the institute of optics and electronics the chinese academy of sciences from 1996 till now,and I have been the deputy director of general office.


1998    Calibration Equipment for Wind Tunnel Microbalance
1999    Equipment of wind tunnel microbalances calibration
2004    On-line automatic measurement system for measuring locomotive wheal contour 
2005     Error Analysis of Automatically Measuring System for Wheelset Parameters 
2005    Error Analysis of Automatical Measuring System for Wheelset Parameters 
2009   Study of Mini Underwater Observation Robot Design and Control
2013     A temperature measurement system based on current loop
2013     A radiation-tolerant CMOS image acquisition system 
2015    Design and analysis of manipulator based on the double function underwater robot

Research Interests

Nuclear special robot:
1, the reactor underwater salvage robot 
2, underwater diving robot
3, nuclear disaster relief emergency robot
4, the reactor pressure vessel bolt (hole)automatic cleaning and inspection robot
Special photodetector device: 
1, the fuel assembly deformation measurement system 
2, seat tube positioning measurement system on the core 
3, the core panoramic camera measuring system
Radiation-resistant video imaging technology: 
1, radiation-resistant HD camera system 
2, high resistance to radiation imaging systems 
3, radiation-resistant high-speed camera syste
4, radiation-resistant super-high-resolution camera system
Underwater machine vision technology: 
1, underwater thermal disturbance Elimination System 
2. Underwater 3D measurement system
Nuclear lighting technology: 
1, underwater radiation-resistant high-intensity lighting equipment 
2, radiation-resistant underwater floodlighting equipment


Huazhong University of Science and Technology
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Shanghai Jiaotong University
Nuclear Power Institute of China



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