Personal Profile

Date of Birth: Sept. 1981

Place of Birth: Beijing, China


Research Areas

1. Design of supramolecular and polymeric hydrogels.
2. Design of gel-based systems for biomimetics, biocatalysis and drug delivery carriers.
3. Design of functional gels.
4. 3D bio-printing


Aug. 2007-Nov. 2010: Ph. D. degree, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces,

Department of Interfaces, Germany


Work Experience

Jun. 2015-till now: Professor, State Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering,

Institute of Process Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

“Gel-Based Biomaterials Group”

Apr. 2012-Mar. 2015: Research Associate, University of Strathclyde, UK

Apr. 2011-Mar. 2012: Postdoctoral researcher, Adolphe Merkle Institute, University

of Fribourg, Switzerland


    • 1.        Shengtao Wang, Anhe Wang, Yuqi Ma, Qingquan Han, Yang Chen, Xin Li, Songyuan Wu, Jieling Li, Shuo Bai*, Jian Yin. In situ synthesis of superorganism-like Au NPs within microgels with ultra-wide absorption in visible and near-infrared regions for combined cancer therapy. Biomater. Sci. 2021, 9, 774-779.

2.        Peng Ren, Jingtao Li,* Luyang Zhao, Anhe Wang, Meiyue Wang, Jieling Li, Honglei Jian, Xiaoou Li, Xuehai Yan, and Shuo Bai*. Dipeptide Self-assembled Hydrogels with Shear-Thinning and Instantaneous Self-healing Properties Determined by Peptide Sequences. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2020, 12, 21433−21440.

3.        Meiyue Wang, Anhe Wang, Jieling Li, Qi Li, Shuo Bai*. Thermolysin-triggered short peptides self-assembly in confined space and application in cell culturing. Colloids and Surfaces A 2020, 603, 125213.

4.        Meiyue Wang, Qiansen Zhang, Honglei Jian, Shijie Liu, Jieling Li, Anhe Wang, Qianqian Dong, Peng Ren, Xin Li, Shuo Bai*. Role of Thermolysin in Catalytic-Controlled Self-Assembly of Fmoc-Dipeptides. CCS Chemistry. 2020, 2, 317-328.

5.        Yuqi Ma, Anhe Wang, Jieling Li, Qi li, Qingquan Han, Yang Chen, Shengtao Wang, Xuefang Zheng, Hongyu Cao, Shuo Bai*. Preparation of Hydroxyapatite with High Surface area and Dispersity Templated on Calcium Carbonate in Dipeptide Hydrogels. Colloids and Surfaces A 2020, 596, 124740.

6.        Yajie Tian, Jieling Li, Luyang Zhao, Xianglan Zhang, Anhe Wang, Honglei Jian,  Shuo Bai*, Xuehai Yan. Peptide Assembly Assisted Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Photon Upconversion in Non-Deoxygenated Water. Biomater. Sci. 2020, 8, 11, 3072-3077.

7.        Yang Chen, Li Duan, Yuqi Ma, Qingquan Han, Xin Li, Jieling Li , Anhe Wang, Shuo Bai*, Jian Yin. Preparation of transient electronic devices with silk fibroin film as a flexible substrate. Colloids and Surfaces A 2020, 600.

8.        Wei Song, Qingquan Han, Zhonghang Lin, Nan Yan, Deng Luo, Yiqiao Liao, Milin Zhang, Zhihua Wang, Xiang Xie, Anhe Wang, Yang Chen, Shuo Bai. Design of a Flexible Wearable Smart sEMG Recorder Integrated Gradient Boosting Decision Tree Based Hand Gesture Recognition. IEEE Biomed. Circ. S. 2019, DOI: 10.1109/TBCAS.2019, 13(6),.1563-1574.

9.        Honglei Jian, Meiyue Wang, Qianqian Dong, Jieling Li, Anhe Wang, Xin Li, Peng Ren, Shuo Bai*. Dipeptide Self-Assembled Hydrogels with Tunable Mechanical Properties and Degradability for 3D Bioprinting. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2019, 11, 46419-46426.

10.    Li Duan, ChenChen Qin, Anhe Wang, Shengtao Wang, Jieling Li, Shuo Bai*. Gelatin Microgels with Various Nano-Objects Fabricated by “Casting” Strategy and Application as A Catalytic System. Colloids Surf. A. 2019, 580, 123759.

11.    Shengtao Wang, Jingtao Li, Zhou Ye, Jieling Li, Anhe Wang, Jing Hua, Shuo Bai*, Jian Yin. Self-Assembly of Photosensitive and Chemotherapeutic Drugs for Combined Photodynamic-Chemo Cancer Therapy with Real-Time Tracing Property. Colloids Surf. A. 2019, 574, 44-51.

12.    Lu Feng, Peng Ren, Linna Hao, Qianqian Dong, Jieling Li, Honglei Jian, Meiyue Wang, Xin Li, Anhe Wang, Shuo Bai*. Fabrication of Short Peptide Cages by Interfacial Self-Assembly on CaCO3 Templates. Colloids Surf. A. 2019, 573, 22-29.

13.    Di Wang, Meiyue Wang, , Anhe Wang, Jieling Li, Xin Li, Honglei Jian, Shuo Bai*, Jian Yin. Preparation of Collagen/Chitosan Microspheres for 3D Macrophage Proliferation in vitro. Colloids Surf. A. 2019, 572, 266-273.

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15.    Anhe Wang, Jieling Li, Qianqian Dong, Shengtao Wang, Honglei Jian, Meiyue Wang, Peng Ren, Shuo Bai*. Preparation of Microgels with Ultrahigh Payload of Various Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Inorganic Nanoparticle Composites up to 92 wt %. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. 2019, 11, 4408−4415.

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