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Address:Kunming Institute of Zoology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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Research Areas

​Hypoxic environments often occur in plateaus and human diseases (such as solid tumors). Hypoxic signaling pathways play a vital role in tumors, angiogenesis, and so on. In the past, people studied cancer, collected more cancer tissues and adjacent tissues for comparative omics analysis, obtained differentially expressed gene information, and then performed in vivo and in vitro functional analysis of differential candidate genes. The research group used evolutionary bioinformatics methods such as genome and transcriptome to comparatively analyze the adaptation mechanism of hypoxic environment in the plateau domestic animals and non-model animals during the rapid rise of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. In addition to the known HIF1/2 signal pathway, A series of candidate genes that may be related to hypoxia adaptation were also screened. These candidate genes were proved by experimental methods such as in vitro cell survival, apoptosis, tumor cell proliferation, migration, and nude mouse tumor-bearing in vivo, Knock-in mice, etc. It plays a very important role in the tumor progression. These studies show that the use of advanced chemical methods to analyze the molecular mechanism of hypoxic adaptation in plateau mammals can also provide new targets for the research, diagnosis or treatment of human diseases, especially solid tumors, suggesting that interdisciplinary research has a role in human disease research in future, with great innovation and application prospects.


2000/09-2005/07 Doctor of Philosophy, Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Chinese  Academy of Sciences

1996/09-2000/07 Bachelor of Science, Wuhan University


Work Experience

2012/05-present, Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2010/12-2012/05, Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Instructor

2005/12-2010/11, Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Postdoc



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Research Interests

Mechanism of tumorigenesis, maintenance of stem cell pluripotency, screening new drugs of antitumor and improving stem cell function, etc.


 Jiang Liping, Ph.D., 071009-Cell Biology

 Shen Qiushu, Ph.D., 100104-Pathology and Pathophysiology

 Shi Yulin, PhD candidate, 100104-Pathology and Pathophysiology

 Nie Zhi, PhD candidate, 100104-Pathology and Pathophysiology

 Liu Kun, PhD candidate, 100104-pathology and pathophysiology

 Yun Chu, Postgraduate, 100104-Pathology and Pathophysiology

 Han Yanfei, Postgraduate, 100104-Pathology and Pathophysiology

 He Yaomei, PhD candidate, 100104-Pathology and Pathophysiology

 Zhai Haoqing, Postgraduate071009-Cell Biology

 Liu Peisheng, Postgraduate071009-Cell Biology

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