Zhi-Yong YANG  Professor, Dr.
Surface/Interface Analysis and Functional Film Lab
School of Chemical Science, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Email: yangzhiyong@ucas.ac.cn

Address: 19A Yuquanlu, Shijingshang District, Beijing, china 
Postcode: 100049

Research Areas

My research interesting area include but not limited to

1. Surface/interface analysis,including structures. dynamic processes and reactions ex (in) situ investigations through scanning probe microscopy (STM, AFM et al.) and DFT calculations/ MD simulations.
2. Organic components/2D materials hybrid films and their photo/chemical sensing applications


2002.09-2007.07,Ph. D in physical chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Project: Self-assembling structure characterization through scanning tunneling microscopy 

1998.09-2002.07, B. S. in chemistry, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Lanzhou University
Project: The inhibition effect of retinol, retinal and retinoic acid on hemolysis of red blood cell.


School of Chemical Science, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research area: 2D materials; surface nano structures,processes and  reactions et al. with STM &AFM, DFT calculation, MD simulations.

Feb. 2010-Mar. 2011
Research Fellow, Chemistry Department, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Research project: Graphene and modified graphene preparation, structure characterization and device measurement.

Nov. 2007-Jul. 2009
Research Associate, Nanoscience Center, University of Cambridge, UK
Research project: Electron Spin detection on molecular level with electronic spin resonance ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy

Teaching Experience

<<Colloids and Interface Chemistry>>

<<Chemistry of Medical Material>>

Honors & Distinctions

Youth Innovation Promotion Association,CAS

A few of awards and scholarsip such as Scholarship of Director of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Outstanding  Graduate (Ph D.)   Awards of Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,  Scholarship of Director of Institute of Chemistry, (CAS) et al.


Representative publications as the corresponding/first author

(1)   Zhi-Xuan Liu, Yong-Gang Chen, Zhi-Yong Yang* "Lowest-Energy Principle for Predicting/Rationalizing the Thermal-Annealing-Generated Stable Structure of Phthalocyanine Derivative/Polymer Bicomponent Systems on Surface" Polymer 2022, 238, 124375.

(2)   Miao Yu, Yu Chen, Yong-Gang Chen, Zhi-Yong Yang*, Wei-Feng Zhang*, Gui Yu* "Synergy Between Fermi Level of Graphene and Morphology of Polymer Film Allows Broadband or Wavelength-Sensitive Photodetection" Advanced Materials Interfaces 2021, 8, 2100770.

(3)   Ming-Yue Shao, Miao Yu, Zhi-Yong Yang*, Mitsuharu Suzuki*, Hiroko Yamada* "Retro-Diels−Alder Reaction on Surface: Generating Energy-Prohibited Structures in Bulk Film Condition through Surface-Adsorbing Neutralization Effect" The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2020, 124, 5723-5733.

(4)  Ming-Yue Shao, Miao Yu, Mitsuharu Suzuki, Hiroko Yamada, Yan-Ping Wang, Yu Chen, Cheng Lu, Dong Wang, Zhi-Yong Yang* "Facilitated Interfacial Electronic Processes by the π-π Stacked Edge-on Tetrabenzoporphyrin/Graphene Layer Enables Broadband Ultrasensitive Photodetecting with Prompt Response" ACS Applied Electronic Materials 2020, 2, 3459-3467.

(5)   Jin-Kuo Li, Ming-Yue Shao, Miao Yu, Weifeng Zhang, Zhi-Yong Yang*, Gui Yu*, Jingcheng Xu*, Wei Cui* "Revealing the Influences of Solvent Boiling Point and Alkyl Chains on the Adlayer Crystallinity of Furan-Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Thienylene Copolymer at Molecular Level" Langmuir 2020, 36, 141-147.

(6)   Jin-Kuo Li, Ming-Yue Shao, Zhi-Yong Yang*, Olga Guskova* "The Merging Mechanisms of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Domains Revealed through Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulations" Polymer 2020, 191, 122266.

(7)   Qian-Min Wang, Zhi-Yong Yang* "Graphene Photodetector with Polydiacetylenes Acting as Both Transfer-Supporting and Light-absorbing Layers: Flexible, Broadband, Ultrahigh Photoresponsivity and Detectivity" Carbon 2018, 138, 90-97.

(8)   Qiong Xue, Jin-Kuo Li, Zhi-Yong Yang* "Synergistically Improving the Activity, Antipoisonous Ability, and Long-Term Stability of Pt to Methanol Oxidation through Developing Favorable Graphene-Based Supports" Langmuir 2017, 33, 872-880.

(9)   Xiao-Ling Duan, Rui-Hua Zhao, Zhi-Fei Liu, Zhi-Yong Yang*, Zhi-Xiang Wang "Noncovalent Molecular Heterojunction: Structure Determination and Property Characterization using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy/ Spectroscopy and Theoretical Calculations" The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2017, 121, 13701-13706.

(10) Qiong Xue, Zhi-Yong Yang* "Remarkable Enhancement of the Specific Activities of Pt Catalysts to Methanol Oxidation through Tuning the Surface Properties of Supporting Materials by Fast Microwave Treatments" International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2016, 41, 6310-6315.

(11) Zhi-Fei Liu, Huan Xu, Rui-Hong Duan, Zhi-Yong Yang*, Hao-Li Zhang*, Yuan-Ping Yi* "Determine the Role of Alkyl Chains and Hydrogen Bonds in the Assembling Process of Fused Thiophene Indacene Derivatives by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Theoretical Calculation" The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2016, 120, 21699-21703.

(12) Wei Huang, Zhi-Fei Liu, Zhi-Yong Yang* "Top or Underneath? Revealing the Structure of Multilayer Graphene Domains with Atomic Force Microscopy and Theoretical Analysis" Carbon 2016, 99, 131-137.

(13) Tian-Zeng Hong, Qiong Xue, Zhi-Yong Yang*, Ya-Ping Dong* "Great-Enhanced Performance of Pt Nanoparticles by the Unique Carbon Quantum Dot/Reduced Graphene Oxide Hybrid Supports Towards Methanol Electrochemical Oxidation" Journal of Power Sources 2016, 303, 109-117.

(14) Xiao-Ling Duan, Hua-Jie Chen, Jian-Yao Huang, Zhi-Fei Liu, Jin-Kuo Li, Zhi-Yong Yang*, Wei-Feng Zhang*, Gui Yu* "Tracking the Evolution of Polymer Interface Films during the Process of Thermal Annealing at the Domain and Single Molecular Levels using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy" Langmuir 2016, 32, 9437–9444.

(15) Wei Huang, Tian-Yue Zhao, Ming-Wei Wen, Zhi-Yong Yang*, Wei Xu*, Yuan-Ping Yi*, Li-Ping Xu*, Zhi-Xiang Wang, Zhan-Jun Gu "Adlayer Structure of Shape-Persistent Macrocycle Molecules: Fabrication and Tuning Investigated with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy" The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2014, 118, 6767-6772.

(16) Zhi-Yong Yang*, Yuan Tao, Ting Chen, Hui-Juan Yan, Zhi-Xiang Wang "Hydrogen Bonding Network of Truxenone on a Graphite Surface Studied with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Theoretical Computation" Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2013, 15, 2105-2108.

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