LiYing Zhu 
Telephone: 0871-63920788
Address: Yunnan Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming 650011, China
Postcode: 650011

Research Areas

Variables, Close Binary star,Circumbinary planets


2004-09--2007-07 Yunnan Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, won doctor's degree
2001-09--2004-07 Yunnan Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, won master's degree
1997-09--2001-07 Yunnan University, won bachelor's degree


Work Experience
2013-08--now Yunnan Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor
2010-02--2013-07 Yunnan Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor
2007-07--2010-01 Yunnan Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research Assistant
Teaching Experience
variable stars

Honors & Distinctions

In 2014, got Natural Science Award of Yunnan Province, first prize, second place
In 2010, got Lu Jiaxi Young Talent Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences
In 2009, got Natural Science Award of Yunnan Province, first prize, second place
In 2008, got Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences
In 2006, got President Special Award of  Chinese Academy of Sciences



1、LUT Reveals an Algol-type Eclipsing Binary With Three Additional Stellar Companions in a Multiple System, The Astronomical Journal ,2016, zhu et al.
2、A low-mass-ratio and deep contact binary as the progenitor of the merger V1309 Sco, Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2016,zhu et al.
3、Three Close Binaries in Different Evolutionary Stages in the Old Open Cluster NGC 188,The Astronomical Journal ,2014, zhu et al.
4、Photometric Study of the Possible Cool Quadruple System PY Virginis,The Astronomical Journal ,2013, zhu et al.
5、Properties of the Close-in Tertiary in the Quadruple System V401 Cyg,The Astronomical Journal ,2013, zhu et al.
6、Circumbinary Planets Orbiting the Rapidly Pulsating Subdwarf B-type Binary NY Vir,The Astrophysical Journal Letters,2012, Qian and zhu et al.
7、New Period Investigation of Near Contact Binary BF Virginis,Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan ,2012, Zhu et al.
8、The Photometric Study of a Neglected Near Contact Binary: BS Vulpeculae,The Astronomical Journal ,2012, Zhu et al.
9、Deep, Low Mass Ratio Overcontact Binary Systems. XI. V1191 Cygni,The Astronomical Journal,2011, Zhu et al.
10、The Formation and Evolution of Near Contact Binaries,ASP Conference Series,2011,Zhu et al.
11、A Preliminary Photometric Study of the HW Vir-like Binary NSVS14256825,ASP Conference Series,2011,Zhu et al.
12、Photometric Study of the Very Short Period Shallow Contact Binary DD Comae Berenices,The Astronomical Journal,2010,Zhu et al.
13、A photometric study of a new short period eclipsing sdB binary NSVS 07826147,Astrophysics and Space Science,2010,Zhu et al.
14、Detection of a Tertiary Brown Dwarf Companion in the sdB-Type Eclipsing Binary HS 0705+6700,The Astrophysical Journal Letters,2009,Qian and Zhu et al.
15、WZ Cephei: A Close Binary at the Beginning of Contact Phase,The Astronomical Journal,2009,Zhu et al.
16、New Period Investigation of Algol-like Near-Contact Binary EG Cephei,Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan,2009,Zhu et al., 
17、Near-Contact Binaries with Mass Transfer: V473 Cassiopeiae and II Persei,The Astronomical Journal,2009,Zhu et al.

Research Interests

Variables, Close binaries and related celestial bodies


(1)"Investigation of Close Binaries in the Galactic Old Clusters", Workshop on Star Cluster, National Central University, Taiwan, November. 7-12, 2016
(2)"W UMa contact binaries observed by the Lunar-Based Ultraviolet Telescope", 2nd Beijing International Forum on Lunar and Deep-space Exploration,Beijing, September 7-11, 2015
(3)" Variable stars",The 36th International School for Young Astronomers,ChiangMai. Thailand, November 23- December 12, 2014
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(7)" Close-in substellar companions and the formation of sdB-type binary stars",The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects – II, Palermo, Italy, 9th-14th September, 2013
(8) "Searching for the circumbinary planets with medium-Size telescope",Medium-Size Telescope Science Workshop,Kunming, China, June 21-25,2013,
(9)" Searching for the Exoplanets and the Brown dwarfs around the HW Vir-like Binaries",10th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics, Sejong University Convention Center, Seoul, Korea, May 27-31, 2013
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(11)"The Formation and Evolution of Near Contact Binaries",the 9th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics, Lijiang, China, April, 2011
(12)"IRAF-Photometry", The 33th International School for Young Astronomers,Lijiang. China, March, 2011


(1) Sino-Thai science and technology project

(2) Sino-Czech science and technology project



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