ZHANG Yuqing  Male,Professor,School of Computer & Control Engineering

Telephone: +86-10-88256218
Address: Yuquan Road 19A, Beijing 100049, P.R.China

Research Areas

(1) Network attack and defense and system security 
(2) Computer networks 
(3) Cryptography Theory and  Application


1997-03--2000-03, Xidian University, doctor
1987-09--1990-03, Xidian University, master
1983-09--1987-07, Northwest Institute of Telecommunication Engineering, bachelor


Work Experience
2002-11 - present, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, teacher
2000-05 - 2002-10, Tsinghua University, postdoctor
1990-04 - 1997-03, Xi'an University of Technology, teacher
Teaching Experience
The courses have been taught are as follows:
Network security, TCP / IP protocol and network programming, Information systems security, Network attack and defense, Network attack and defense principle and technology


(1) An Efficient Handover Authentication Scheme with Location Privacy Preserving for EAP-based Wireless Networks,IEEE ICC 2012,2012,The second author
(2) On the Security of a Ticket-Based Anonymity System with Traceability Property in Wireless Mesh Networks,IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing,2011,The second author
(3) A Privacy Preserving Handover Authentication Scheme for EAP-based Wireless Networks,globecom 2011,2011,The second author
(4) Comment on Reply to Comment on‘Efficient High-Capacity Quantum Secret Sharing with Two-Photon Entanglement’,International Journal of Theoretical Physics,2011,The second author
(5) EKMP:An Enhanced Key Management Protocol for IEEE 802.16m,2011IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference,2011,The second author
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(12) Cryptanalysis and Improvement of a Quantum Secret Sharing Protocol between Multiparty and Multiparty with Single Photons and Unitary Transformations,Chinese Physics Letters,2010,The second author
(13) A trust management model based on Bi-evaluation in P2P networks,IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems,2010,The second author
(14) A Client-Initialized and Server-Accomplished Defense Mechanism for Cross-Site Request Forgery,The 13th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection (RAID 2010), Ottawa,2010,The second author
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Chinese Journal of Computers,2009
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(28) Overview of database security,Computer Engineering,2006
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(31) Design for BS7799 risk assessment method,Computer Engineering,2006
(32) Running-mode analysis of simplified SET purchase protocol,Computer Engineering,2006
(1) A vulnerability fix method based on hierarchical vulnerability assessment,invention ,2010,the first author,Patent Number:PCT/CN2010/078492
(2) A Wireless Mesh Network billing menthod ,invention,2010,the first author,Patent Number:PCT/CN2010/078494
(3) A EAP authentication fast switching method on mobile WiMAX network ,invention,2010,the first author,Patent Number:PCT/CN2010/078490
(4) An OBEX protocol vulnerability mining method and system,invention,2009,the first author,Patent Number:PCT/CN2009/001168
(5) An MMS protocol vulnerability mining method and system,invention,2010,the first author,Patent Number:PCT/CN2009/001169

Research Interests

(1) Network and Information System Security direction  
(2) Communication direction 
(3) Computer engineering direction


(1) Unicode-proof Code Injection Attack on Windows CE - A Novel Approach of Evading Intrusion Detection System for Mobile Network,2011-05,Yang Song 
(2) EKMP:An Enhanced Key Management Protocol for IEEE 802.16m,2011-03,Anmin Fu 
(3) RepHi: A Novel Attack against P2P Reputation Systems,2011-01,Jingyu Feng 
(4) Coping with traitor attacks in reputation models for wireless sensor networks,2010-12,Shenlong Chen 
(5) Eliminating human specification in static analysis,2010-09,Ying Kong 
(6) A client-based and server-enhanced defense mechanism for cross-site request forgery,2010-09,Luyi Xing 
(7) Provably secure password-authenticated group key exchange with different passwords under standard assumption,2009-12,Fengjiao Wang 
(8) Secure mobile agent protocol by using signcryption schemes,2009-10,Chuanrong Zhang,Yuqing Zhang
(9) The analysis of an efficient and provably secure ID-based threshold signcryption scheme and its secure version,2008-10,Zhenchao Zhu 
(10) Common program analysis of two-party security protocols using SMV,2006-01,Yuqing Zhang, Suping Jia



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