Prof. Shuang-Nan Zhang, PhD

Director of Center for Particle Astrophysics, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chief Scientist of Space Science Division, National Astronomical Observatories of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Areas

space astronomy, X-ray astronomy, gamma-ray astronomy, particle astrophysics, space cosmic-ray physics


1979-1984, Bachelor Degree, Tsinghua University

1986-1989, PhD Degree, University of Southampton, U.K.


1989-1992, Postdoctoral research associate, University of Pennsylvania, USA; 

1992-1998, Senior scientist, Universities Space Research Association and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, USA; 

1998-2014, assistant, research associate professor and full professor, University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA; 

2002-2009, Distinguished professor, Physics Department, Tsinghua University

Work Experience


More than 400 refereed papers with more than 13000 citations. 

Please see the ADS link for full list of publications

Research Interests

Black holes, neutron stars, cosmic-rays, gamma-ray bursts


Principal Investigator of the Astronomy and Astrophysics Program of China’s Space Station, POLAR experiment onboard China’s TG-2 Spacelab (launched in Sept. 2016), the Insight-HXMT astronomy satellite mission (launched in June 2017), the future High Energy Cosmic-ray Detection (HERD) facility onboard China’s Space Station and the future enhanced X-ray Timing and Polarimetry (eXTP) space observatory; Co-PI of the China-France Space Variable Object Monitor (SVOM) space astronomy mission (2023 launch).



廖进元  博士研究生  070202-粒子物理与原子核物理  

谢祎  博士研究生  070401-天体物理  

林琳  博士研究生  070401-天体物理  

容昱  博士研究生  070202-粒子物理与原子核物理  

易疏序  博士研究生  070202-粒子物理与原子核物理  

贺健健  博士研究生  070202-粒子物理与原子核物理  

毛俊捷  硕士研究生  070401-天体物理  

尹倩青  博士研究生  070202-粒子物理与原子核物理  

赛娜  博士研究生  070202-粒子物理与原子核物理  

赵声贤  硕士研究生  070401-天体物理  

李汉成  博士研究生  070202-粒子物理与原子核物理  

郭程程  博士研究生  070202-粒子物理与原子核物理  

曩毅  博士研究生  070202-粒子物理与原子核物理  


杨雪  博士研究生  0704Z1-天文技术与方法  

王晨  博士研究生  070401-天体物理  

张彬  博士研究生  0704Z1-天文技术与方法  

罗琦  博士研究生  070202-粒子物理与原子核物理  

油元  博士研究生  070202-粒子物理与原子核物理  

杜云飞  博士研究生  070202-粒子物理与原子核物理  

任晓琴  博士研究生  070202-粒子物理与原子核物理  

肖静钰  硕士研究生  070202-粒子物理与原子核物理  

Honors & Distinctions

NASA Group Achievement Award; 

Zhao-Jiu-Zhang “Space Science Award”; 

National Distinguished Young Investigator of National Science Foundation of China; 

Copernicus Visiting Scientist Award (2009), University of Ferrara, Italy; 

Yangtze Scholar Distinguished Professorship of the Ministry of Education of China; 

Distinguished Acheievemnt of Science and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences