Huixian Zhang, Prof. Dr.

Key Laboratory of Tropical Marine Bio-Resources and Ecology,

South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.




Address: 164 West Xingang Road, Guangzhou, 510301 China

Research Areas

Prof. Zhang’s researches are focus on marine animal behavior physiology and adaptive evolution. His notable contributions include participating in the whole genome sequencing of seahorses, revealing insights into their body shape genetics. He also discovered the regulatory role of the ParaHox gene family in cyclostomes and the importance of the Pdxα gene in pancreatic differentiation and insulin secretion. Huixian Zhang has led various research projects funded by prestigious organizations. His research achievements have been recognized with publications in renowned journals such as Nature and PNAS. He has received honors for his scientific and technological innovation and is a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences' "Youth Innovation Promotion Association."


2008, B.E.  Shanxi Normal University

2011, M.S. under the supervision of Prof. Xiaochun Liu, Sun Yat-sen University, China

2013. Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Haoran Lin, Sun Yat-sen University, China


2013-2017 Research Assistant, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences;

2015-2016 Visiting scholar, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology (IMCB), A-STAR, Singapore;

2017-Present Associate researcher, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences;


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Research Interests

 Marine animal behavior physiology and adaptive evolution



卢梓健  硕士研究生  070703-海洋生物学