Gupeng Zhang

Telephone: +86-010-88256636

Research Areas

Innovation Management, Intellectual Property Management, Patent Economics


2009-2012 Ph.D. in Management,   Beihang University
2005-2008 Master in Economics,    Qingdao University
2001-2005 Bachelor in Economics, Qingdao University


1. Zhang Gupeng*(Corresponding Author), Chen Xiangdong. The Value of Invention Patents in China: Country Origin and Technology Field Differences, China Economic Review (SSCI, 2012IF=1.390), 2012, 23 (2): 357-370.
2. Zhang Gupeng*(Corresponding Author), Lv Xiaofeng, Zhou Jianghua. Private Value of Patent Right and Patent Infringement: An Empirical Study based on Patent Renewal Data of China, China Economic Review (SSCI, 2013IF=1.142), 2014, 28: 37-54.
3. Zhang Gupeng*(Corresponding Author), Guan Jiancheng, Liu Xielin. The Impact of Small World on Patent Productivity in China, Scientometrics (SCI/SSCI, 2013IF=2.274), 2014, 98 (2): 945-960.
4. Song Shuang, Chen Xiangdong, Zhang Gupeng*(Corresponding Author). Structure of Small World Innovation Network and Learning Performance. Mathematical Problems in Engineering (SCI, 2013 IF=1.082), 2014: Article ID 860216.
5. Zhang Gupeng*(Corresponding Author), Lv Xiaofeng, Duan Hongbo. How do Key Inventors Impact Firm Innovation in ICT: Implications from Patent Co-authorship Network. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management (SSCI, 2013 IF=0.841), 2014, 26 (9): 1091-1110.
6. Zhang Gupeng*(Corresponding Author), Duan Hongbo, Zhou Jianghua. Investigating Determinants of Inter-Regional Technology Transfer in China: A Network Analysis with Provincial Patent Data. Review of Managerial Science (SSCI, 2013 IF=0.345), 2014, DOI 10.1007/s11846-014-0148-2.

Research Interests

Innonvation Management, Intellectual Property Right Management, Patent Economics