Prof. Chengmin Zhang
Email: ; Telephone: 137-1839-6760 

1. National Astronomical Observatories, 

Chinese Academy of Sciences, 20A Datun Road, 

Chaoyang District, Beijing, China,   100101

2. School of Physical Sciences, UCAS,  

Chinese Academy of Sciences,  Beijing, China,   100049

Research Areas

Pulsar, Neutron Star, Magnetar, Gravitational wave, General Relativity,  FRB Astrophysics


B.S.   Dalian U of Tech, China;

M.S.  Dalian U of Tech, China

Ph.D. The U of Hongkong, China


Work Experience

NAOC/CAS, China (2004-now); 

Sydney U, Austrlia (2001-2004); 

Sao Paulo S. U, Brazil(1998-2001); 

The U of Hongkong, China (1995-1998);

Hebei U of Techn, China (1986-1995)

Teaching Experience

1. High Energy Astrophysics and Gravitational Wave; 

2. Modern Astrophysics; 

3. Scientific English Writing and LATEX

Honors & Distinctions

2014:   Excellent Course of UCAS ;

2020:   Excellent Teacher of Zhuliyuehua of UCAS

Books and Publications

1. book:  An Adventure: Weightlessness Phenomena and Life on Space Station, Zhang C.M.(Springer,, ISBN: 978-981-19-9221-6,  2023,

2.  ASSL book:  Timing Neutron Stars: Pulsations, Oscillations and Explosions,  eds.    Belloni T. ,Mendez M.,  & Zhang C.M. (Springer,  2021)

3. Proceedings:  Feeding compact object,   proceedings of IAUS290,  eds.   Zhang C.M.   Belloni T. ,Mendez M., and Zhang SNCambridge U press,,2013) 

1. Book in Chinese: Neutron Star & Pulsar Astrophysics -  中子星与脉冲星天体物理,ISBN-9787030492821,Zhang CM et al (科学出版社,2018)

2. Book in Chinese: Popular Science on Pulsar - 中国天眼科普 神秘的脉冲星 ,ISBN-9787302535539,Zhang CM(清华大学出版社,2019)

3. Book in ChinesePopular Science on Space  -  奇妙的太空探秘:随神舟进入太空课堂,ISSN-9787303233540, Zhang CM (北京师范大学出版社,2020)

Recent articles: 

2023, Parallel tracks of kHz QPOs: implication of the bimodal luminosity components in neutron star low-mass X-ray binaries,Wang De-Hua and Zhang Cheng-Min,  MNRAS.520.1339

2022, Evolution of Spin Period and Magnetic Field of the Crab Pulsar: Decay of the Braking Index by the Particle Wind Flow Torque,  Zhang Cheng-Min; Cui Xiang-Han; Li Di et al, Universe 2022, 8, 628.

2022,Luminosity distribution of fast radio bursts from CHIME/FRB Catalog 1  by means of the updated Macquart relation, Cui Xiang-Han; Zhang Cheng-Min; Li Di et al, Ap&SS,367,66 

2022, Study on the magnetic field strength of NGC 300 ULX,Pan Y. Y.; Li Z. S.; Zhang C. M., MNRAS.513.6219 

2021, Gaussian mixture models of the total mass distribution of stellar black holes from LIGO-Virgo GWTC-2, Phys Rev D, 2021,  

 2021, From Arecibo to FAST Radio Telescope, Adv SCI & Tech, 2021,

 2021, Statistical tests of young radio pulsars with/without supernova remnants, MNRAS, 2021,  

 2021, Fast radio bursts: do repeaters and non-repeaters originate in statistically similar ensembles?, MNRAS,  

 2020, Investigation on the Binary Millisecond Pulsars at Radio and γ-Ray Wavelengths: Links with the Orbital Parameters, PASP, 132, 4202

2020, Simulation of chirp mass distribution of neutron star and black hole merger events for gravitational-wave radiation , PRD,101,3018

2020, The parallel tracks of kHz QPOs in low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1728-34: explorer of the bimodal accretion modes, MNRAS, 497,1893 

2019, The mass distribution of Galactic double neutron stars: constraints on the gravitational-wave sources like GW170817,MNRAS,488,5020

2019, The Classifications of Double Neutron Stars and their Correlations with the Binary Orbital Parameters,PASP,131,064201

2019, Gravitational wave GW170817: A new-born sub-millisecond pulsar and the properties of coalescing double neutron stars,NewA,70,51

2019, Investigation of the Millisecond Pulsar Origins by their Spin Periods at the Wavebands of Radio, X-Ray, and γ-Ray,PASP,131,024201

2019, Evolution implications of neutron star magnetic fields: inferred from pulsars and cyclotron lines of HMXBs,Ap&SS,364,198

2018, The kHz QPOs as a probe of the X-ray color–color diagram andaccretion-disk structure for the atoll source 4U 1728-34, AA, 2018

2018, The minimum magnetic field of millisecond pulsar ..., MNRAS, 2018

2017, State Switching of the X-Ray/Radio Transitional Millisecond Pulsar, ApJ, 849, 87

2017, Similarity of PSR J1906+0746 TO PSR J0737-3039: A Candidate of a New Double Pulsar System? ApJ, 835,185

Publications of 2012 - 2016:

1.The Magnetic Evolution of ULX as a legcy of magnetar, MNRAS, 2016

2.Spin period of millisecond pulsar and gravitational wave, ApSS, 2016

3.Spin evolution of Crab pulsar, APSC,2016

4.Investigation of the emission radii of kHz QPOs for accreting millisecond X-Ray pulsars, MNRAS, 2015

5. Simulation of the magnetic field and spin period evolution of accreting neutron stars,AN, 2015

6. Peak luminosity correlated low-frequency oscillations in black holes, MNRAS, 2014

7. Statistical properties of twin kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillations neutron star, 2014

8. Constraints on QPO and stellar equations of state from SAX J1808.4-3658, MNRAS, 2013

9. Evolution of the Cross-correlation and Time Lag of 4U 1735-44, 2013

10. Feeding Compact Objects, editor of Proceedings of IAUS290, Cambridge U, 2013

11. Testing the accretion-induced field-decay and spin-up model for recycled pulsars, 2012

12. Modeling the spatial distribution of neutron stars in the Galaxy, 2012

Publications of 2006 - 2011:

(1)Study of measured pulsar masses and their possible conclusions,AA,2011
(2)Spin period evolution of a recycled pulsar in an accreting binary,AA,2011
(3)A model for upper kHz QPO coherence of accreting neutron star,AA,2011
(4)Neutrino oscillations in the Kerr-Newman spacetime,CQG,2010
(5)The emission positions of kHz QPOs and Kerr spacetime influence,中国科学,2010
(6)evidence for field restructuring or decay in accreting magnetic white dwarfs,MNRAS,2009
(7)estimations of neutron star mass and radius by the kHz QPOs,AN,2009
(8)Evolution of cross-correlation and time lag of Cyg X-2 along the branches,APJ,2008
(9)Neutron star mass and radius by three measurements,MNRAS,2007
(10)Correlation between Neutron Star spin and kHz QPOs in LMXBs,AA,2007
(11)Neutron star bottom magnetic field and magnetosphere evolution in LMXBs,MNRAS,2006
(12)The correlations between the twin kHz QPO frequencies of LMXBs,MNRAS,2006 

Publications before 2006 can be found by Google search

Research Interests

Pulsar, Neutron Star, Gravitational Wave, General  Relativity, Astrophysics,FRB,  FAST telescope

Conference organizer

Co-Chair at IAU Symposium 290, FEEDING COMPACT OBJECTS: Accretion on All Scales

August 20 - 24, 2012, Beijing, China;

August 3-5, 2009, Rio, Brazil;

Co-chair at SKA tranformational science meeting, 17 February 17-25, 2014Capetown, South Africa;  


HKU, IFT/UNESP; Sydney U, ANU, Max Planck Inst, etc.