Yu Xilong

Professor, Institute of Mechanics

Telephone: 86-10-82543835 
Mobile phone:  
Address: Bei Si Huan Xi lu, No.15, HaiDian District,Beijing,China
Postcode: 100191

Research Areas

 Application of laser-based diagnostics ( PLIF,TDLAS,LIBS)) for combustion and hypersonics;  Hybrid rocket;     Nonequilibrium flow


Doctoral student in Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of sciences. Research topic: Non-intrusive diagnostics in high enthalpy flows, Diploma in Engineering, August 1997 - August 2002

Master course in School of Aeronautics, Beihang University, China, July 1993-July 1997

Undergraduate in School of Aeronautics, Beihang University, China, October 1989-June 1993


Professor at state key Laboratory of high temperature gas dynamics, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of sciences, Since December  2012

Associate professor at state key Laboratory of high temperature gas dynamics, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of sciences, February  2006- November 2012

Assistant professor at state key Laboratory of high temperature gas dynamics, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of sciences, September 2005- January 2006


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