Prof. Dr. Yonghong Liu
CAS Key Laboratory of Tropical Marine Bio-resources and Ecology, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, No. 164 West Xingang Road, Guangzhou 510301, China.
Tel/FAX: 0086-20-89023244 

Brief CurriculumVitae of Dr. Yonghong Liu:
Dr. Yonghong Liu received a PhD degree from the Pusan National University, Busan, Korea. He undertook postdoctoral research at Osaka University, Osaka, Japan and the New University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal, before returning to China to take a position as a senior scientist in 2006 at the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Currently, he is working as vice-director of Guangdong Key Laboratory of Marine Materia Medica. He has authored more than 160 peer reviewed articles (including Natural Product Reports, Food Chemistry, Tetrahedron, Phytochemistry, Journal of Natural Products, Planta Medica, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Helvetica Chimica Acta, Chemistry & Biodiversity, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, etc.84 SCI Journals), edited 8 books and monographs (in English), served as editorial board member of 11 international Journal (Natural products research, SCI) , awarded 3 national and provincial prizes, and held 11 issued patents. He is reviewer of several International academic Journals: Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Process Biochemistry, Molecules, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, and ACS publications: Such as Journal of Natural Products, Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, Journal of Organic Chemistry, etc.  He engaged in discovery of new natural products lead structure with bioactivity, he has focus on the isolation, structural elucidation, synthesis of biologically-active secondary metabolites from marine invertebrates and medicinal plants and their endosymbionts, to develop anti-inflammatory, anti anti-rheumatic, and antihyptensive effects new drugs.

Research Areas

1. Bioactivities constituents of tropical marine invertebrates and their symbiotic microorganisms
The important area of research emphasis is the study of marine natural products, biochemicals produced by tropical marine invertebrates and their symbiotic microorganisms, which may have pharmaceutical applications for human health.
Investigations carried out at the Lab are invoved in collecting and identifying marine invertebrates (such as sponge, sea stars), identifying, screening and fermenting the microorganisms that produce potentially interesting natural products, extracting, isolating and identifying those chemicals from marine invertebrates or microorganisms, and screening for their effectiveness as possible pharmaceuticals.
2.Marine chemical ecology
Chemical substances play an important role in the interaction between all living organisms and their environment. The research that considers the impact of naturally occurring substances in the interaction between organisms is called chemical ecology. Research in chemical ecology in marine environments is still in the beginning of its exploitation and it is reasonable to assume that it has a great potential. Settlement of larvae of other benthic organisms may threaten the survival of individuals of benthic invertebrates. Therefore, benthic invertebrates have developed various defense systems against biofouling in the course of evolution, among which chemical defense is prominent. On the other hand, benthic organisms often cause economic problems by settling on ships’ hulls, cooling systems of power stations, aquaculture cages, and other submersible structures. Organotin compounds including tributyltin (TBT) and tributyltin oxide (TBTO) were widely used for controlling these sessile organisms until recently, when they were found to be toxic to many marine organisms. Therefore, “environmentally friendly” antifoulants need to be developed urgently. We are trying to study the nontoxic antifouling targeted chemical defence substances from marine invertebrates (eg. sponges).
Investigations carried out at the Lab are invoved in isolating and identifying the chemical defence substances guided by antifouling activities, studying the structural modifications and structure-activity relationships.
3. Synthesis of biologically-active secondary metabolites from marine invertebrates.


Ph. D. August, 2002. Major: Marine Natural products Chemistry, College of Pharmacy, Pusan Natinal University, Pusan, Korea.
M. S. in Phytochemistry, 1999. Graduate School, Changchun College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chanchun, China.
B. S. in Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1996. Department of Traditional Chinese Pharmacology, Changchun College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chanchun, China.


Ph. D. August, 2002. Major: Marine Natural products Chemistry, College of Pharmacy, Pusan Natinal University, Pusan, Korea.
M. S. in Phytochemistry, 1999. Graduate School, Changchun College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chanchun, China.
B. S. in Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1996. Department of Traditional Chinese Pharmacology, Changchun College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chanchun, China.
Work Experience
South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, CAS (January, 2006–) Professor, Key Laboratory of Marine Bio-resources Sustainable Utilization, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

New University of Lisbon (April 2004 –December 2005) Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences and Technology.
Osaka University (April, 2003 - March 2004 ) Postdoctoral Research Associate, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Pusan National University (September, 2002-March, 2003): Graduate Research Assistant: College of Pharmacy.

Honors & Distinctions

1. PhD scholarship for study abroad awarded by the Ministry of Korean Sciences and Technology (1999-2002).
2. Postdoctorship of the Ministry of Korean Maritime Affairs and Fisheries $16,000. 2002-2003.
3. Postdoctorship of Japan Science and Technology Corporation, $20,000, 2003-2004.
4. Postdoctorship of Portugal Foundation of Science and Technology, $17950, 2004-2005.
5. The Grant of the K. C. Wong Education Foundation, Hong Kong, 2005-2006, $2000.
6. The Using Technologys of Bioactive Metabolites from Tropical Marine Organisms, 2007 National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Second Class (Ranking 12).
7. Research on Ecological Environment and Biological Resource of Sanya Bay and Its Adjacent Sea Area, 2010 Hainan Province Scientific and Technological Progress First Prize (Ranking 14).
8. Saururus chinensis Etc. Five Chinese Medicinal Materials’ Medicinal Efficacy Material Base and Pharmaceutical Preparation “Xiaoganxian”, 2011 Jilin Province Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Second Class (Ranking 3).


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Issued Patent
1. Preparation Method and Applications of Cyclitol from Marine Sponge Sarcotragus. Patent No: ZL200610035618.7, Inventors: Yonghong Liu
2. Preparation Method and Applications of Norsestertepenoid from Marine Sponge Sarcotragus. Patent No: ZL200610035603.0, Inventors: Yonghong Liu
3. Preparation Method of Antihyptensive Marine Drug and Dispersing Tablet. Patent No: ZL200610124326.0. Inventors: Yonghong Liu
4. Preparation Method and Pharmaceutical Applications of Saururus Chinensistotal Active Fraction. Patent No: ZL200710055422.9. Inventors: Yonghong Liu
5. Preparation Method and Anticancer Applications of Sea Urchin Extract. Patent No: ZL200710032474.4. Inventors: Yonghong Liu
6. Preparation Method and Anticancer Applications of Diflavonoids. Patent No: ZL200710032476.3. Inventors: Yonghong Liu 
7. A marine drug for Mammary Hyperplasia. Patent No: ZL201110137130.6 Inventors: Yonghong Liu

Research Interests

Marine organisms are plentiful source of bioactive lead compounds. They are subjects of intensive screening program for new drug leads. Our research interests are discovery of antitumor and antifouling compounds from marine invertebrates and the microorganisms isolated from invertebrates.
Our main research activities include:
1. Collection of invertebrates by SCUBA diving
2. Isolation of fungi and bacteria from the collected invertebrates
3. Mass culture of the microorganisms
4. Chemical analysis of the active components of the invertebrates and marine-derived microorganisms
5. Simple ‘Bench-top’ screening systems including brine shrimp assay, antimicrobial assay, DPPH assay, bioautographic TLC, ELISA assay
6.Synthesis of biologically-active secondary metabolites from marine invertebrates.



董光  硕士研究生  070703-海洋生物学  

黄日明  博士研究生  070702-海洋化学  

杨斌  博士研究生  070702-海洋化学  

孙见凡  博士研究生  070702-海洋化学  

胡静  硕士研究生  070702-海洋化学  

连喜平  博士研究生  070703-海洋生物学  

白志强  硕士研究生  070702-海洋化学  

钟志龙  硕士研究生  070702-海洋化学  

冼嘉韵  硕士研究生  070702-海洋化学  

艾文  博士研究生  070702-海洋化学  

李晋昇  硕士研究生  070702-海洋化学  

汤勇  硕士研究生  070702-海洋化学  

田永奇  博士研究生  070702-海洋化学  

戴昱  硕士研究生  070702-海洋化学  

庞小艳  博士研究生  070702-海洋化学  

郭翠  硕士研究生  070703-海洋生物学  

罗小卫  博士研究生  070703-海洋生物学  

陈伟豪  博士研究生  070703-海洋生物学  

李坤龙  博士研究生  070703-海洋生物学  

龙洁怡  博士研究生  070703-海洋生物学  


王佳敏  硕士研究生  070703-海洋生物学  

陈春梅  博士研究生  070703-海洋生物学  

李晓琳  硕士研究生  070703-海洋生物学  

宋莹莹  博士研究生  070703-海洋生物学  

曹沁琳  硕士研究生  070703-海洋生物学  

Postdoctoral position

Postdoctoral position - Marine Natural Product Chemistry
A postdoctoral position will shortly be available in the Guangdong Key Laboratory of Marine Materia Medica, at South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Guangzhou, China, working with Dr. Yonghong Liu in the area of Marine Natural Product Chemistry.
Essential qualifications:
Applicants must have a Ph. D. in Medicinal Chemistry, Synthesis, Natural Products Chemistry, microbiology, Pharmacognosy or a related field. The position requires experience in the isolation and structure elucidation of natural products. The position requires proficiency in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) techniques, and in the interpretation of the resulting data. Other important abilities are the uses of various types of chromatography to achieve purification of natural products and the ability to work independently. This is a two-year appointment.
Salary: about 250000- 450000RMB/year.
Description of Duties:
Bioassay-guided fractionation of natural product extracts (marine organism), isolation, and structure determination of active molecules by using chromatographic and spectral methods. Opportunities to help instruct students in natural product-related techniques.
The application should include a detailed resume, a list of publications, and contact information for at least three references. Applications (as well as requests for additional information) should be sent, preferably by e-mail, to:
Dr. Yonghong Liu,
Guangdong Key Laboratory of Marine Materia Medica, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou 510-301, China

 This recruitment is open year-round

International PhD Positions

International PhD Position- Marine Natural Product Chemistry
A International PhD Position will shortly be available in the Guangdong Key Laboratory of Marine Materia Medica, at South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Guangzhou, China, working with Dr. Yonghong Liu in the area of Marine Natural Product Chemistry.
Essential qualifications:
Applicants must have a Master degree. in Medicinal Chemistry, Synthesis, Natural Products Chemistry, microbiology, Pharmacognosy or a related field. The position requires experience in the isolation and structure elucidation of natural products. The position requires proficiency in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) techniques, and in the interpretation of the resulting data. Other important abilities are the uses of various types of chromatography to achieve purification of natural products and the ability to work independently. This is a three-five year appointment.
Salary: about 5000 RMB per month.
Description of Duties:
Bioassay-guided fractionation of natural product extracts (marine organism), isolation, and structure determination of active molecules by using chromatographic and spectral methods. Opportunities to help instruct students in natural product-related techniques.
The application should include a detailed resume, a list of publications, and contact information for at least three references. Applications (as well as requests for additional information) should be sent, preferably by e-mail, to:
Dr. Yonghong Liu,
Guangdong Key Laboratory of Marine Materia Medica, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou 510-301, China
This recruitment is open year-round

International Master students

International Master student- Marine Natural Product Chemistry
A International Master student Position will shortly be available in the Guangdong Key Laboratory of Marine Materia Medica, at South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Guangzhou, China, working with Dr. Yonghong Liu in the area of Marine Natural Product Chemistry.
Essential qualifications:
Applicants must have a bachelor degree. in Medicinal Chemistry, Synthesis, Natural Products Chemistry, microbiology, Pharmacognosy or a related field. The position requires experience in the isolation and structure elucidation of natural products. The position requires proficiency in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) techniques, and in the interpretation of the resulting data. Other important abilities are the uses of various types of chromatography to achieve purification of natural products and the ability to work independently. This is a three-year appointment.
Salary: about 2000RMB per month.
Description of Duties:
Bioassay-guided fractionation of natural product extracts (marine organism), isolation, and structure determination of active molecules by using chromatographic and spectral methods. Opportunities to help instruct students in natural product-related techniques.
The application should include a detailed resume, a list of publications, and contact information for at least three references. Applications (as well as requests for additional information) should be sent, preferably by e-mail, to:
Dr. Yonghong Liu,
Guangdong Key Laboratory of Marine Materia Medica, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou 510-301, China
This recruitment is open year-round

Group member

Professor: Dr.  Xuefeng Zhou

Associate Professor: Dr.  Bin Yang, Junfeng Wang, Xiuping Lin,  Shengrong Liao,
Assistant Professor: Dr. Xiaoyan Pang