Yao Sun

Doctor & Professor,

State Key Laboratory Of Information Security (SKLOIS)
Institute of Information Engineering
Chinese Academy of Sciences


Research Areas

Hash function

Methods of solving algebraic polynomial systems

Groebner bases

Symbolic computation

Computer vision


2005-09--2010-06   Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Doctor
2001-09--2005-07   University of Science & Technology Beijing, Bachelor


Work Experience

2013-10~now, Institute of Information Engineering, Associate professor
2012-03~2013-09, Institute of Information Engineering, Assistant professor
2010-06~2012-03, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Post-Doctor fellow



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Ting Li, Ph. D, research direction: Cryptography, Groebner basis algorithms, Hash functions.

Zhen Wei,  postgraduate, research direction: Image processing, Face parsing.

Runhe Yang, Ph. D, research direction: Image processing, proving thoerems automatically.

Xiaofan Cai, postgraduate, research direction: Reinforcement Learning.

Kai Wang,  postgraduate, research direction: Image processing.

Ning Zhang,  postgraduate, research direction: Image processing.