Contact Information
YAN wenjun, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Law
Vice Chair of Department of law

Telephone: +86-01-88256453
Address: 19A Yuquan Rd., Beijing, China
Postcode: 100049

Research Interests

Intellectual Property law
patent law


Ph.D, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences , 2006


Work Experience
Associate professor,  Graduate University of CAS, 2006 - Present. 
Visiting Professor, National Tsing Hua University(Taiwan), 2010.
Judge,  the People’s High Court of Shandong Province ,1996-2006.
Invited Reasearcher,  Institute of Intellectual Property ( Tokyo), 2004-2005.

Member of China Law Society
Member of Council, China Intellectual Property Law Society


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2. YAN wenjun, Disign infringement standard in Egi Case and its influence on China, National Intellectual Property Strategy and protection of IPRs, 2011.
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7.YAN wenjun and LIU xin, Study on th Principle of  Superfluous Definition, Patent studies (Zhuanli Fa Yanjiu),2007
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 9. YAN wenjun, On the Distiction of Repairing and Reproducing of Patent Products Based on the Amercian Cases ,Patent studies (Zhuanli Fa Yanjiu),2005. 
1. LI mingde and YAN wenjun,etc. Intellectual Property law in European Union , Law Press, 2010.
2. YAN wenjun,The Protection Scope of Patent Rights, Law Press, 2007. 


Courses teaching
Patent law
Contract law
Intellectual property

Courses taught
Intellectual proerty law
Commercial law