Yan Gong, NAOC A433

Research Areas

Dark matter and dark energy models, intensity mapping of atomic and molecular emission lines, 21cm, cosmic infrared background, large-scale structure, epoch of reionization, model constraint with observational data


2010-2015, UC Irvine, postdoc

Work Experience
2015-present, NAOC, professor



Selected recent five-years' paper:

(1) Testing the axion-conversion hypothesis of 3.5 keV emission with polarization, PRL, 2017

(2) Intensity mapping of H-alpha, H-beta, [OII] and [OIII] lines at z<5, ApJ, 2017
(3) Cross-correlation of Near- and Far-infrared Background Anisotropies as Traced by Spitzer and Herschel, ApJ, 2015
(4) Consistency test on the cosmic evolution, PRD, 2015
(5) Ultraviolet luminosity density of the universe during the epoch of reionization, Nature Communications, 2015
(6) Axion decay and anisotropy of near-IR extragalactic background light, ApJ, 2015
(7) Foreground contamination in Ly-alpha intensity mapping during the epoch of reionization, ApJ, 2014
(8) On the origin of near-infrared extragalactic background light anisotropy, Science, 2014
(9) The extragalactic background light from the measurements of the attenuation of high-energy gamma-ray spectrum, ApJL, 2013
(10) Probing the Pre-Reionization Epoch with Molecular Hydrogen Intensity Mapping, ApJ, 2013
(11) Intensity Mapping of Lyman-alpha Emission During the Epoch of Reionization, ApJ, 2013
(12) Near-infrared background anisotropies from diffuse intrahalo light of galaxies, Nature, 2012
(13) The Near-IR Background Intensity and Anisotropies During The Epoch of Reionization, ApJ, 2012
(14) HerMES: A Statistical Measurement of the Redshift Distribution of Herschel-SPIRE Sources Using the Cross-correlation Technique, ApJ, 2012
(15) Intensity Mapping of the [CII] Fine Structure Line during the Epoch of Reionization, ApJ, 2012

Research Interests

Dark matter and dark energy, cosmic large-scale structure, intensity mapping, cosmic infrared background, EoR, 21cm, model constraint