Name: Deshan Yang 
Gender: Male 
Nationality: Han Chinese 
Position: Associate Professor 
Institution: College of Physical Sciences, GUCAS
Telephone: 010-82640470

Address: Yuquan Road 19A, College of Physical Sciences, GUCAS 
Postcode: 100049

Research Areas

Particle Physics: Theory and Phenomenology


  1. Sep. 1997-Aug. 2002, Doctral student, Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS ;
  2. Sep. 1993-July 1997, College student, Department of Modern Physics, University of Sciences and Technology of China;


Work Experience
  1. Jun. 2006-   , Associate Professor, College of Physical Sciences, GUCAS;
  2. Nov.2004-Nov.2006, Fellow of the Japanese Society of Promotion for Sciences (JSPS), Department of Physics, Nagoya University;
  3. Sep.2002-Sep. 2004, Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Institute of Theoretical Physics, E, RWTH-Aachen;
Teaching Experience
  1. "Group Theory: Part I", Fall semister, 2007-2011;
  2. "Gauge Field Theory", Spring semister, 2008-2011;
  3. "Group Theory: Part II", Spring semister, 2007;
  4. "Topical seminars on quantum field theory", Spring semister, 2010-2011;



1) Bridging light-cone and NRQCD approaches: asymptotic behavior of B_c electromagnetic form factor.
Yu Jia, Jian-Xiong Wang, Deshan Yang. e-Print: arXiv:1012.6007 [hep-ph]

2) Broken S_3 Flavor Symmetry of Leptons and Quarks: Mass Spectra and Flavor Mixing Patterns.
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14) Further analysis of di-gluon fusion mechanism for the decays of B ->
K eta-prime
By Dong-sheng Du, De-shan Yang, Guo-huai Zhu
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Research Interests

My research interests involves the following fields: 

  1. Heavy flavor physics & CP violation;
  2. QCD factorization and effective field theories;
  3. Quarkonium physics;
  4. Origins of masses and mixings of fermions in the Standard Model and its extensions.