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Research Areas

Urban geography and urban planning


In 1976, the Taiwan university, bachelor's degree
In 1982, the United States at the university of southern California, urban and regional research, a master's degree
In 1996, Beijing university, department of urban and environment, doctor's degree


Work Experience
In 1989-1998: China urban planning design and research institute, senior planner
In 1998-1999: China academy of industrial economy research institute, associate professor
1999 years - so far: graduate school of Chinese academy of sciences, professor, doctoral supervisor

Honors & Distinctions

The ministry of construction "five-year" key topics the progress of science and technology, the third prize, BuWeiJi, 1997



(1) The principal component analysis based on global economic space structure evolution of guangdong province ,Graduate school of Chinese academy of sciences journal, 2011, the second author
(2)The GIS in the mountainous city ecological sensitivity analysis, the application of graduate school of Chinese academy of sciences ,Graduate school of Chinese academy of sciences journal, 2011, the second author
(3) Voronoi figure in urban economic zone weighted division, the application geographic and geographic information science ,Geography and geographic information science, 2011, the second author
(4) Based on the sensitivity of the evaluation of ecological city construction land use planning research--LongHaiShi JiuLongJiang as an example ,Urban development research, 2011, the second author
(5) Study on ecological economic divisions of PoYang Ecological economic zone,China population resources and environment, 2011, the second author
(6) Development zone land intensive use-in xiamen haicang evaluation of the Taiwanese investment zone as an example ,China population resources and environment, 2011, the first author
(7) Research on implementation system of new socialist countryside construction,Urban planning, 2009
(8)Worldwide comparative study on spatial governance regionalization of urban agglomeration,Urban problems, 2009
(9) Evolution of urban spatial structure in the arid area of Northwest China: a case study on the city of Bayanhaote,Graduate school of Chinese academy of sciences journal,2008



陈玲  硕士研究生  070502-人文地理学  

谢天成  博士研究生  070502-人文地理学  

黄叶君  硕士研究生  070502-人文地理学  

郑仰阳  硕士研究生  070502-人文地理学  

于淑敏  硕士研究生  070502-人文地理学  

刘爱华  博士研究生  070502-人文地理学  


龚江丽  硕士研究生  070502-人文地理学  

王翠  博士研究生  070502-人文地理学  

孙永辉  硕士研究生  070502-人文地理学  

张立荣  博士研究生  070502-人文地理学  

冷佩  博士研究生  070502-人文地理学  

武爽  硕士研究生  070502-人文地理学  

张新红  博士研究生  070502-人文地理学