About me

Shihong Xia is a professor at the Institute of Computing Technology, CAS. He is leading a research group working on human motion modeling in computer graphics, computer vision and VR/AR.

Contact Info
Tel:86 10 62600852 

For more details, please refer to http://humanmotion.ict.ac.cn/en/index.html

Research Areas

Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence

Selected Publications

25.  Yongjing Ye, Libin Liu, Lei Hu, Shihong Xia. Neural3Points: Learning to Generate Physically Realistic Full-body Motion for Virtual Reality Users. ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation 2022. in press.

24.  Chongyang Zhong, Lei Hu, Zihao Zhang, Shihong Xia. Learning Uncoupled-Modulation CVAE for 3D Action-Conditioned Human Motion Synthesis. ECCV 2022. in press.

23.  Chongyang Zhong, Lei Hu, Zihao Zhang, Yongjing Ye, Shihong Xia. Spatio-Temporal Gating-Adjacency GCN for Human Motion Prediction. CVPR 2022. in press.

22.  Yuhui Wen, Lin Gao, Hongbo Fu, FangLue Zhang, Shihong Xia, YongJin Liu. Motif-GCNs with Local and Non-Local Temporal Blocks for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 2022. in press.

21.  Shuyu Chen, Jia-Qi Zhang, Lin Gao, Yue He, Shihong Xia, Min Shi, Fanglue Zhang. Active Colorization for Cartoon Line Drawings. IEEE TVCG 28(2): 1198-1208 (2022)

20.  Zihao Zhang, Lei Hu, Xiaoming Deng, Shihong Xia. Sequential 3D Human Pose Estimation Using Adaptive Point Cloud Sampling Strategy. IJCAI 2021: 1330-1337.

19.  Zhiyong Wang, Jinxiang Chai, Shihong Xia. Combining Recurrent Neural Networks and Adversarial Training for Human Motion Synthesis and Control. IEEE TVCG 27(1): 14-28 (2021)

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