Xiao-Rui Lyu
Email: xiaorui AT 
Postal Address:
School of Physical Science

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 

No. 19A Yuquan Road, Shijingshan District,
Beijing 100049, China

Research Interests

My interest lies in the experimental particle physics. That is to understand the origin of the world by the experimental probe to the fundamental structure and their interactions of particles. Currently, I am involved in the BESIII project in BEPCII facility in China, and the LHCb project in CERN in Switzerland. 


Apr. 2006—Sep. 2008, Department of Physics, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Doctor of Science
Oct. 2005—Mar. 2006, Department of Physics, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Research Student
Sep. 2002—Jun. 2005, School of Physics, Peking University; Master of Science
Sep. 1998—Jun. 2002, School of Physics, Peking University; Bachelor of Science

Research Experience

2015--Present, LHCb experiment, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

    Charm decays and CPV
    Hadron production, spectroscopy and exotics
    Future detector and software upgrade

2008--Present, BESIII experiment, IHEP, Beijing, China
    Responsible for the offline softwares: fast tracking and event start time 
    Physics analysis on hadron spectroscopy, charmonium decays and charmed-hadrons
    Co-spokesperson in the BESIII collaboration

2002--2010,  HERMES experiment, DESY, Germany
    Study on the nucleon spin structure, especially the transversity and related fragmentation functions 
     HERMES Gain Monitoring System and HERMES Data Production 
     Search of Pentaquark 
     Study of the spin transfer from beam to Lambda production

Honors & Distinctions

  • Most influential paper award, Chinese Physical Society, 2021 

  • “Atomic Physics”, University-Level Excellent course, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2020

  • Most influential paper award, Chinese Physical Society, 2020

  • Beijing outstanding bachelor thesis advisor, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, 2020

  • Excellent undergraduate teaching team of colleges and universities in Beijing, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, 2019

  • National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, NSFC, 2018

  • Young Top Talent Award, CAS Center for Excellence in Particle Physics, 2014

  • LuJiaXi Youth Talent Award of CAS, Chinese Academy of Science, 2014

  • Youth Innovation Promotion Association of CAS, Chinese Academy of Science, 2013

  • Tejima research award (doctor thesis), Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2010

  • Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad, China Scholarship Council, 2008

  • Japanese Government COE Research Fellow, 2006-2008

  • Japanese Government Scholarship, 2005-2008


An exhaustive list of my publication can be found in the inspirehep website:
Major publications are listed as follows.

  1. ​BESIII Collaboration, Oscillating features in the electromagnetic structure of the neutron, Nature Physics 17, 1200–1204 (2021)
  2. BESIII Collaboration, Observation of a near-threshold structure in the K+ recoil-mass spectra in e+e-  K+(Ds- D*0 + Ds*- D0), Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 102001 (2021)
  3. Hai-Bo Li, Xiao-Rui Lyu, Study of the standard model with weak decays of charmed hadrons at BESIII, National Science Review 8, nwab181 (2021)
  4. BESIII Collaboration, Observation of the electromagnetic Dalitz decay $D^{\ast 0}\to D^{0}e^{+}e^{-}$, Phys. Rev. D 104, 112012 (2021)
  5. BESIII Collaboration, Search for the rare semi-leptonic decay J/ψ→D−e+νe+ c.c., JHEP 06, 157 (2021)
  6. Mengzhen Wang et al., A novel method to test particle ordering and final state alignment in helicity formalism, Chin. Phys. C 45, 063103 (2021)
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      Conference talks

      1. News and plan on hadron spectroscopy at BESIII, RF7: 2021 Update on Hadron Spectroscopy in SNOWMASS 2021 (online meeting), Oct. 25, 2021, USA

      2. Physics overview on the BESIII experiment (plenary talk), Twentieth Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics (Lomonosov2021) (online meeting), Aug. 19-25, 2021, Moscow, Russia

      3. Charmed baryon decays at BESIIIThe 10th International Workshop on Charm Physics (Charm2020) (online meeting), May 31-Jun. 4, 2021, Mexico

      4. BESIII: Status, plans and synergies with LHCbThe 98th LHCb Week (online meeting) , Dec. 7-11, 2020, CERN

      5. Charm physics at BESIII and at STCFthe SNOWMASS Townhall Meeting of the 2021 Rare Processes and Precision Frontier (online meeting), Oct. 2-24, 2020, USA

      6. Super Tau-Charm Factory19th International Conference on B-Physics at Frontier Machines (BEAUTY 2020) (online meeting), Sep. 21-24, 2020, Tokyo, Japan

      7. Spin-Related Effect in hadron production at BESIII, The 11th Circum-Pan-Pacific Symposium on ‘High Energy Spin Physics’  (PacificSpin2019),  Aug. 27-30, 2019, Miyazaki, Japan 

      8. Charmonium Spectroscopy at BES III, Joint LHCb-BESIII workshop, May 9-10, 2019, CERN, Switzerland

      9. Decays of charmed hadrons (plenary)Joint Workshop of future tau-charm factory, Dec. 4-8, 2018, Orsay, France

      10. Experimental Program for a Super Tau-Charm Factory, the 62nd ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on High Luminosity Circular e+e- Colliders (eeFACT2018), September 24-27, 2018, Hong Kong, China

      11. Recent results on hadron physics at BESIII (plenary), 10th Workshop on Hadron physics in China and Opportunities Worldwide, July 26-30, 2018, Weihai, China 

      12. Lambda_c physics at BESIII (plenary), The 8th International Workshop on Charm Physics (Charm2018), May 21-25, 2018, Novosibirsk, Russia

      13. Charmonium production in proton-proton collisions at LHC (plenary), The 8th International Workshop on Charm Physics (Charm2018), May 21-25, 2018, Novosibirsk, Russia

      14. Studies on the exotic hadrons below 2GeV at BESIII (plenary) Workshop "QED and QCD Effects in Atomic and Hadron Physics", Jan 31 – Feb. 5, 2018, Lanzhou, China 
      15. The charged Zc states at BESIII, 6th International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics (ICNFP2017), 17 - 26 August 2017, Kolymbari, Creta, Greece
      16. Selected result sat BESIII, The OCPA9 International Conference on Physics Education and Frontier Physics, July 16–20 2017, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
      17. Quantum Coherence in D decays at BESIII, Quantum Coherence in D decays at BESIII, 9th International Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle (CKM2016), Nov. 28 - Dec. 2, 2016, Mumbai, India
      18. Overview on charm baryon (Λc) decays (plenary),  The 8th International Workshop on Charm Physics (Charm2016), Sep. 5-9, 2016, Bologna, Italy
      19. D0-D0 mixing and D(s) hadronic decays at BESIII, 38th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP 2016), Aug. 3-10, 2016, Chicago, USA 
      20. Measurement of Collins Asymmetry at BESIII (plenary),  XVI workshop on high energy spin physics (DSPIN2015), September 8-12, 2015, Dubna, Russia  
      21. Measurement of Λc  decays at BESIII (plenary), The 7th International Workshop on Charm Physics (Charm2015), May 17-23, 2015, Detroit, Michigan, USA 
      22. Physics Highlights from the BESIII experiment  (plenary)Flavor and top physics @ 100 TeV workshop, March 4-7, 2015, IHEP, Beijing, China
      23. Charmed baryon at threshold at BESIII  (plenary), International Workshop on Physics at Future High Intensity Collider @ 2-7GeV in China, January 13-17, 2015, USTC, Hefei, China
      24. Recent results and prospects for charm mixing and CPV at Threshold, The International Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle (CKM2014), September 8th - 12th, 2014, Vienna, Austria 
      25. Physics with entangled neutral D mesons at BES-III and future perspectives (plenary),  CERN Workshop on QUESTIONING FUNDAMENTAL PHYSICAL PRINCIPLES, May 6th - 9th, 2014, CERN
      26. Strong phase in D0Kπ decay and yCP measurement at BESIII, The 6th International Workshop on Charm Physics (Charm2013), Aug. 31st – Sept. 4th, 2013, Manchester, England
      27. Charm Rare Decays at BESIII (plenary), SuperB Physics Workshop 2012, May 31st - June 5th, 2012, Elba, Italy 
      28. Recent Progress on Charmonium Decays at BESIII (plenary), 5th High-Energy Physics Conference in Madagascar (HEP-MAD 11), Aug. 25th – 31th, 2011, Antananarivo, Madagascar
      29. Study on the Two-Photon Transition from ψ(2S) to J/ψ at BESIIII, 11th International Workshop On Meson Production, Properties And Interaction (MESON2010), June 10th -15th, 2010, Cracow, Poland
      30. HERMES Results on Single-Spin Asymmetries in Lepto-Production of Oppositely Charged Pion Pairs from the Transversely Polarized Hydrogen Target, International workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering (DIS) and Related Subjects (DIS2008), Apr. 7th - 11th, 2008, University College London, England
      31. Spin Structure of the Nucleon Studied at HERMES, International Nuclear Physics conference 2007 (INPC2007), June 3rd -8th , 2007, Tokyo, Japan