杨晓光 男 汉族 博导 数学与系统科学研究院
Telephone: 62651380
Address: Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science,CAS
Postcode: 100190


Ph.D: Tsinghua University,Operations Research,1993

B.S.: Tsinghua University,Applied Mathematics,1986


2005-     Professor,University of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS)

2012-2022  Deputy Director,Institute of Systems Science,CAS

2009-2019  Director,Key Laboratory of Management Decision and Information System,CAS

2011-2015  Dean,School of Business,China University of Petroleum

1998-2009  Deputy Director,Key Laboratory of Management Decision and Information System,CAS

1995-2005  Associate Professor,CAS

1995  Assistant Professor,CAS

1993-1995  Postdoctor,CAS

1986-1988  Teaching Assistant,Department of Mathematics,Anhui University

Honors & Distinctions

1.National Excellent Science and Technology Worker

2.Fudan Management Outstanding Contribution Award

3.Fellow of Operations Research Society of China

4.China Youth Science and Technology Award

5.National Outstanding Youth Fund

6.Special Contribution Expert of the State Council

7.National Talent of Million Project

8.Education First Prize of Ministry of Science and Technology Progress Award

9.First Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award

10.Second Prize of Hunan Provincial Natural Science Award

11.Second Prize of Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award

12.Second Prize of Xinjiang Science and Technology Award

13.Mao Yisheng Youth Science and Technology Award

Selected Publications

1.Kailin Ding, Zhenyu Cui and Xiaoguang Yang, Pricing arithmetic Asian and Amerasian options: A diffusion operator integral expansion approach,The Journal of Futures Markets, DOI: 10.1002/fut.22387, 2022

2.Nan Li,Muzi Chen,Haoyu Gao,Difang Huang,Xiaoguang Yang,Impact of Lockdown and Government Subsidies on Rural Households at Early COVID-19 Pandemic in China, China Agricultural Economic Review,2022, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.

3.Zhigang Cao, Guopeng Li, Zhibin Tan, Xiaoguang Yang, On Group Structures of Strategic-form Games, Fundamental Research, 2022

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5. Yuxiang Cheng,Jiayu Yi,Xiaoguang Yang,Kin Keung Lai,Luis Seco,A CEEMD-ARIMA-SVM model with structural breaks to forecast the crude oil prices linked with extreme events,Soft Computing,,published online, 06 July, 2022

6.Chuangxia Huang,Yunke Deng, Xin Yang,Xiaoguang Yang, Jinde Cao, Can financial crisis be detected? Laplacian energy measure, June 2022 European Journal of Finance, DOI: 10.1080/1351847X.2022.2091946

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12. Yijing Wang, Xiaoguang Yang, Hongyang Zhang, Yapu Zhang. Bicriteria algorithms for approximately submodular cover under streaming model. Tsinghua Science and Technology, 2022.    

13.Wenhuan Wang, Congyu Zhao, Cong Dong, Huajun Yu, Yutao Wang, Xiaoguang Yang,Is the key-treatment-in-key-areas approach in air pollution control policy effective? Evidence from the action plan for air pollution prevention and control in China,Science of The Total Environment,Published 1 June,2022,DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2022.156850Corpus ID: 249934103

14. Chuangxia Huang, Xian Zhao, Yunke Deng, Xiaoguang Yang, Xin Yang. Evaluating influential nodes for the Chinese energy stocks based  on jump volatility spillover network, International Review of Economics and Finance, Volume 78, March 2022, Pages 81-94

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Research Interests

Management Science, Applied Economics, Game Theory