Zheng-Chuan Wang, Professor
Telephone: 010-88256280
Address: physics department 
Postcode: 100049

Research Areas

Theoretical Physics: Spintronics; Single molecule magnet; Mesoscopic physics and nano devices;Geometric phase


9,1996~7,1999, Ph.D. Theory of Condensed Matter Physics; Geometric    
                                         Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
9,1993~7,1996, M.S.   Quantum Field Theory and It’s Topological Properties.
                                         Department of Physics, Lanzhou University.
9,1989~7,1993 B.S.E. Theoretical Physics.
                                         Department of Physics, Lanzhou University.


Work Experience

9,1999~7,2001 Post doctor
                            The AC Transport Theory in Mesoscopic Spin-Valve
                           The Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Teaching Experience

6,2013~present Professor
7,2001~6,2013 Associate Professor
                   The Transport Theory in Mesoscopic system
                   The Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Teaching courses: <<The frontier problems in quantum mechanics>>,
                                  << Nonquilibrium ststisticsl physics >>


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Research Interests

Spintronics; Single molecule magnet; Mesoscopic physics and nano devices
; Geometric phase in physics.



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