Yan Wu  Assistant Professor
Telephone: 010-88256501
Address: Department of  Archaeometry
Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yuquan Rd. 19(A), Beijing
Postcode: 100049

Research Areas

Phytolith analysis 
Starch grain analysis


--     Ph. D. in Archaeometory ,University of Science and Technology of China 2003-2008
    Visiting scholar, Missouri University in USA, 2007-2008
     B.A, Anhui University. 1999-2003

Research Interests

 Besides phytolith analysis, her research domain also includes analysis of human behavior regarding to environment change; interrelationships between human populations and the plant world based on starch grains.


       2011.9: participated in8th International Meeting on Phytolith Research  , gave a oral presentation 
        2010.5: participated in International Working Meeting in Archaeological Soil Micromorphology , gave a oral presentation 
       2009.10: participated in International Symposium on Paleoanthropology in Commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the Discovery of the First Skull of Peking Man and the First Conference on Quaternary Research of Asiagave a oral presentation 
       2008.9: participated in the 10th national symposium on Archaeometry 
, gave a oral presentation 
        2006.11: participated in the 4th national Conference on environmental archaeology in Zhejiang Province of China, gave a oral presentation
        2005.5: participated in the 35th International symposium on Archaeometry held by Graduate University of Chinese Science Academia in Beijing of China, gave a poster presentation.


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1.National Natural Science Foundation of China  
Contract grant number:41002057
2.National Science Foundation for Post-doctoral Scientists of China 
Contract grant number: 20080440551



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