Ph.D, Professor

College of Earth and Planetary Sciences

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Email: duojunwang(at)
Address: 19A Yuquanlu,Shijingshanqu,Beijing
Postcode:  100049

Research Areas

Water in Earth and Planetary and its role in the dynamics

High pressure and temperature experimental studies on physical properties such as electrical conductivity, elastic and thermal properities

Theoretical studies on physical properties


2004  Ph.D.  Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

1999  B.S.    University of Science and Technology of Changchun, Changchun


Work Experience

2013.06-present      Professor, GUCAS(UCAS)

2010.12-2012.01     Visiting associate professor, Yale University

2008.07-2009.01     Visiting associate researcher, ERI, the University of Tokyo

2007.07-2013.05      Associate professor, GUCAS (UCAS)

2006.09-2007.06     Assistant professor, GUCAS

2005.07-2006.03      Postdoctoral fellow, Yale University

2004, 09-2006, 08   Postdoctoral fellow, Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration.

Teaching Experience



Physics of the Earth’s interior


An overview of the structures and compositions as well as the states of the Earth’s interior. Topics include velocity construction of the earth, density, elasticity, equation of states, composition of the Earth’s interior, high-pressure mineral physics, the internal heat and temperature, and electromagnetic properties.


Seminar in advanced physics of Earth’s interior


A graduate seminar that discusses very recent advances in mineral physics and geophysical observations to the earth’s interior such as seismology and MT methods.


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