LiJun Wan     Ph.D.    Professor
   Physical Chemistry

Research Areas

Ø        Scanning Probe Microscopy and its Application
Ø        Physical and Chemical Properties of Single Molecules
Ø        Molecular Self-assembly and Nanodevice
Ø        Nanomaterials Chemistry
Ø        Electrochemistry


1982, B.S., Dalian Institute of Technology
1987, M.S., Dalian Institute of Technology
1996, Ph.D., Tohoku University of Japan.


Work Experience
1996-1999 chief researcher in ERATO/JST, visiting professor in Hokkaido University and assistant professor in Tohoku University
1998, Member of "Hundreds of Talents" of CAS
1999- Research Professor, Institute of Chemistry, CAS. Now, Director of Institute of Chemistry, CAS.
Director of Key Laboratory of Molecular nanostructures and Nanotechnology, Institute of Chemistry, CAS



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·           电化学扫描隧道显微术及其应用 (Electrochemical Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Its Application),万立骏著,科学出版社, 北京, 2005年.


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