Prof. & Dr. Xiuming Wang

Chief Scientist  in  Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IACAS)

Adjunct Prof. in School of Physics Sciences at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS)

Director of Beijing Engineering Research Center for Deep Drilling Exploration(BERCDE) 


Telephone: 010-82547789 

Physical address:

21 4th Northwestern Ring Road

Institute of Acoustics in Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Beijing 100190

PR. China

Research Areas

Elastodynamics and Solid Acoustics: 

Elastodynamical theories and applications

Elastic wave propagation in multiphase porous inhomogeneous media, ultrasonics, and ultrasonic imaging.

Computational Acoustics: 

Elastic/Acoustic wave numerical modeling using finite-difference, finite element, pseudo-spectral, and spectral element methods.

Borehole Geophysics and Deep Drilling Exploration: 

Borehole acoustic logging, electric logging, and nuclei logging, petrophysics.

Covariance Physics: The Theory of General Relativity, Gauge Theory.


  • 1991-1995, PhD, University of  Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), China.

  • 1984-1987, Master Degree, China National Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development (RIPED), China.

  • 1980-1984 Bachelor Degree, China University of Petroleum (CUP), China. 


  1. 2021-present, Chief Scientist in IACAS, China.

  2. 2017-present, Professor & Director of Beijing Engineering Research Center for Deep Drilling Exploration and Measurement (RCDEM) in IACAS, China. 

  3. 2016-present, Professor in the School of Physics Sciences at UCAS, China.

  4. 2015-2021, Professor & Director of Research Center for Ultrasonics and Technologies (RCUT) in IACAS, China.

  5. 2006 –2015, Professor & Director of Ultrasonic Physics and Exploration Laboratory, IACAS, and Chairman of Academic Committee of IACAS (2010-2015), China.

  6. 1999 - 2006, Scientist, Senior Scientist, and Principal Scientist in Geophysics in CSIRO Petroleum, Australia, during which I worked with ICTP for about half a year as a visiting scholar supported by a TRILL program in Italy.

  7. 1998 - 1999, Visiting Scholar & Post-doc at Stanford University, USA.

  8. 1987 - 1999, Assistant Professor (1989), Associate Professor & Deputy Director of School of Geosciences (1991), full faculty Professor of Geosciences (1996), and Deputy Director of Science and Research Management Department (1997) at Northeast Petroleum University (NPU), China.

Professional Activities

1.      2023-2025, Chair of International Congress on Ultrasonics.

2.      2019-2023, President of International Congress on Ultrasonics (ICU), and the Organizer of 2023 ICU Beijing. 2023-present, Chair of the International Congress on Ultrasonics.

3.      2017-present, Permanent ICU Board Member.

4.      2021-present, Associate Editor, ASME Open Journal of Engineering.

5.      2019, Co-Chairman of the 14th International Conference on Theoretical and Computational Acoustics (ICTCA), China.

6.      2017-present, Chairman of Key Lab of Modern Acoustics of National Education Mistry of China at Nanjing University

7.      2017-present, Director of the International Communication Committee & General Standing Committee member of the Acoustical Society of China (ASC).

8.      2018-present, Founder & Chair of Borehole Geophysics Committee in the Geophysical Society of China

9.      2014-present, Chairman of NDT Acoustics Committee in the Acoustical Society of China.

10.    2014-present, Committee Member of China National Technical Standardization of Acoustics.

11.   2010-present, Founder& Chairman of Organizing & Scientific Committees of the Annual China National Symposium on Reservoir Acoustics & Deep Drilling Exploration Technology Frontiers (RA&DETF).

12.   2019, Plenary Speaker at the 46th Annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation (2019 QNDE), USA.

13.   2012, Plenary Speaker at the Acoustics 2012 International Conference of Acoustics, Hong Kong.

14.   2009, Plenary Speaker at the 10th Western Pacific Acoustics Conference, China.

15.   2018, Plenary Speakers at China National Acoustics Conference, Shenzhen, China.

16.   2012-present, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Applied Acoustics.

17.   2013-present, Deputy Editor in Chief, C. J. of Acoustics.

18.   2019-present, Board Member of Chinese Science Bulletin

19.   2007-2021, Chairman of MS & Ph.D. final Defense Academic Committee in IACAS

20.   2019,2020, Chairman of Ph.D. final Defense Academic Committee at UPC

Teaching Experience

Solid Acoustics for graduate students at UCAS;

Computational Acoustics for graduate students at UCAS;

Principle of Applied Geophysics for undergraduate students at NPU;

Elastodynamics  in Applied Geophysics at NPU;

Principle of Nuclear Well Logging at NPU.




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Research Interests

Physics Sciences:

Mechanics & Mechanical engineering

Continuum Mechanics & Elastodynamics in complex meida 

Electrodynamics and Its Application in Exploration  

Nuclear Physics


Geophysics & Deep Drilling Exploration

Information Processing & Physical imaging 



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