Shuyang Wang,   Female ,Doctoral Tutor, Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Address: 509 Nanchang Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City

Postal code: 730000

Research Areas

Study on Mutagenic Breeding and Mutagenic Mechanism of  Microbial Strains,and the development of microbial agents.Study on Enzymatic Utilization Technology and Mechanism of Straw Biomass Energy


2009.9—2012.06: Studied for Ph.D in  pharmacology, Gansu Agricultural University.

2002.9—2005.6: Studied for Master degree in Biochemistry, Lanzhou University.

1993.9—1997.6: Studied for Bachelor degree in Biology at the Department of Biology, Northwest Normal University.  


1997-1978. Undergraduate Assistant. Lanzhou Medicine college.

1998-2003. Teaching Assistant . Lanzhou Medicine college.

2004-2008.  Graduate Research Assistant. Lanzhou University.

2008-2010. Assistant Professor. the Division of Biology Physics,Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2011-present. Associate Professor. the Division of Biology Physics,Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Work Experience

 1997-2003. Teaching Assistant . Lanzhou Medicine college.

 2004-2008.  Graduate Research Assistant. Lanzhou University.

 2008-present.  Associate Professor. the Division of Biology Physics, Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 


Summary of Publication Types

Publication Type

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles                                                65

Book Chapters                                                                           5

Conference Symposium Proceedings                                        12

Sub-total                                                                                   82

Abstracts and Presentations

 Invited (Intl/National)                                                               3

Volunteer (Intl/National)                                                           2

Invited (Regional/State/Local)                                                  20

Sub-total                                                                                   25

       Total                                                    107


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2. Miaoyin Dong, Shuyang Wang(Corresponding author), Fuqiang Xu, Qiaoqiao Li, Wenjian Li. Addition of aluminum oxide microparticles to preculture of Trichoderma viride My enhances cellulase production and influences fungal morphology[J]. Engineering in life science,  2018,18(6):1–6;

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Research Interests

 1.Screening of irradiated microorganism strains (Streptomyces avermitidis, Lactic acid, Trichoderma viride , Aspergillus niger) and effect of radiation biology.

 2.Development and popularizing of sweet sorghum silage inoculum and study on feeding effect of sweet sorghum Silage.

 3.Development of cellulase preparation with high degradability and enhancing enzymatic hydrolysis yield of corp straws its application in lignocellulose saccharification.

 4.Breeding of functional probiotics of Lactobacillus casei and its application in anti-gastrointestinal cancer.


1Application and Product Development of Sweet Sorghum in Feed and Bioenergy, The First and Second Session of Sweet Sorghum Industry Alliance Symposium, 2019-04-24
2)Development and Promotion of Sweet Sorghum Silage Bacteria, First Session of Sweet Sorghum Alliance Symposium,   2018-03-26
(3)Study of a high yield system of cellulase hydrolysis in mutant of Lee Trichoderma induced by heavy ion irradiation in a mixed fermentation culture with Aspergillus niger   2017-05-18
(4)Research and demonstration of sweet sorghum silage fungicide and silage. On the Peak Symposium of Sweet Sorghum Industry Chain ,  2015-10-17
(5)Research and Demonstration of Sweet Sorghum Silage Microbial Agent and Sweet Silage Feed,  First Academic Exchange on Silage and Herbage Conservation,   2015-09-24
(6)Research Progress in the Feed Compound Microbia Agent of sweet sorghum   Breeding, Seed Production, Feed Processing and Breeding of Sweet Sorghum,   2013-06-28
(7)Advances in Breeding of High-yielding Streptomyces avermannii by Heavy Ion Beam Irradiation,  360 ℃“Avermectin Forum”  ,   2010-10-20



姜伯玲  硕士研究生  085238-生物工程  

董妙音  硕士研究生  071011-生物物理学  

许富强  硕士研究生  071011-生物物理学  

李荞荞  硕士研究生  085238-生物工程  

董妙音  博士研究生  071011-生物物理学  


白金  硕士研究生  071011-生物物理学  

许富强  博士研究生  071011-生物物理学  

孙夕思  博士研究生  071011-生物物理学  

Honors & Distinctions

Professional Affiliations

1. Expert of the Academic Degree Accreditation Committee of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

2. Master Tutor, Gansu Agricultural UniversitySociety for Range Management

3. Reviewing Expert ,Nuclear Science and Techniques, Radiation Research and Radiation Technology.

4. Members of the CPPCC District Committee

Awards and Honors

Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Invention in Gansu Province,2011.

First Prize for Scientific and Technological Invention in Lanzhou, 2011.

Third Prize for Scientific and Technological Invention in Gansu Province,2010.

First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress in Lanzhou, 2009.