Prof. Tiande Guo achieved the master degree and doctor degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1992 and 1998 respectively, majoring in Operation Research. He is currently a professor and executive director of School of Mathematical Sciences of GUCAS. Prof. Guo is the vice director of Optimization and Application Research Center of Academy of Mathematics and Systems Sciences of CAS, director of Mathematical Society and Academic Committee of the Operations Research Society of China. He is a member of executive committee of Chinese Mathematical Society and a member of executive committee of Operations Research Society of China. He also serves as a member of editorial board for several journals such as “Acta Mathematicae Applicatae Sinica”, “Journal of Systems Science and Mathematical Sciences”, “Journal of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences”. He has been devoted to the fingerprint recognition algorithm and the automated fingerprint identification system research for many years and participated in a number of fingerprint identification and fingerprint compression standard-setting work of the Ministry of Public Security of China.

Prof. Guo’s research interests include optimization theory and algorithms, mathematical theory and algorithms in wavelet analysis and applications, biometrics, optimal design of a router switch fabric, wireless network optimization, geometric random graph and sensor networks. He has written more than 50 journal papers and applied for several patents. He has also organized many national and provincial projects, including 863 program, National Science and Technology Support Program, Knowledge Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Public Security Key Research Programs, National Natural Science Foundations, Youth Fund of Shandong Province Natural Science Foundation of China and Dean Fund of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has also participated in the optimal design of new high-speed routers cooperation projects with IDG. 

Tiande Guo, Ph.D
Professor, Dean
School of Mathematics Sciences, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
19A Yuquan Road, Beijing 100049, P.R. China
Tel: 86-10-88256412
Fax: 86-10-88256100

Research Areas

Optimization theory and algorithms
Mathematical theory and algorithms in wavelet analysis and applications, biometrics
Optimal design of a router switch fabric, wireless network optimization
 Geometric random graph and sensor networks.


School of  Matheamatics,Qufu Normal University, 

Institute of Applied Matheamatics,CAS, M.S.

 Institute of Applied Matheamatics,CAS, Ph.D



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