Liangting SUN
Institute of Modern Physics, CAS
Telephone: +86(931)-4969540
Address: 509 Nanchang Road, Lanzhou
Postcode: 730000

Research Areas

Ion Source Technologies

Ion Accelerators and their Applications


Doctor degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences


Work Experience

Work on ion source technology since 1999 as graduate student. Ever worked with the colleagues in CEA/Grenoble, NSCL&FRIB@MSU, LBNL and so on.

Teaching Experience
Ion Source Technologies

Honors & Distinctions

Several National Prizes on Technology Advancement;

1st Geller PRIZE in 2008.


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Research Interests

  • Ion Source Physics and Technolgies

  • Ion Beam Applications

  • Ion Accelerator Technolgies and Applications


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Wide collaboration with Domestic and Oversea laboratories:


PKU, Tsinghua University,  University of Science and Technology of China, and so on.



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