Shuangyi Wang, Research Professor

Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Automation (CASIA)

Corresponding address:Room 1013, Automation Building, 95 Zhongguancun East Road, Beijing, China,100190

Research Areas

Research interests: Medical robotics, Robot-assisted diagnosis and treatment, Intelligent ultrasound system, Interventional surgical navigation, Sensor design

Research content: 1) Design and development of endoscopic imaging robots, ultrasound robots, interventional robots based on serial, parallel and flexible mechanisms; 2) Tracking and navigation of medical robots; 3) Remote teleoperation and human-robot interaction methods for medical robots; 4) Design of force and position sensors based on optical and magnetic fields and other methods.


Master research students, visiting students, working-experience students interested or expertise in mechanical engineering, robotics, electronics and automation, computer science, and biomedical engineering are all warmly welcome to work in our research group. Together we'll build exciting robots and produce high-impact research outputs that will contribute to the medical robotics society. 


Dr. Shuangyi Wang is a Research Professor at the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and a selected candidate of the Youth Program of the Pioneering Action Talent Program of CAS. His main research interests focus on medical robot design and robot-assisted surgery, providing new solutions for healthcare workers to stay away from high-risk environments and connecting primary clinics with center hospitals. During his PhD, he developed the world's first trans-oesophageal ultrasound robot and navigation system for cardiac intervention, which was demonstrated to Princess Anne of the United Kingdom. During his post-doc research period, he developed a dual-arm robot for abdominal ultrasound and successfully completed 80 clinical trials at St. Thomas' Hospital in London. After joining CASIA, he developed a multi-purpose portable hybrid ultrasound robot and successfully completed the deployment of the system in ambulances to perform remote tele-operation scanning. 

He has nearly 30 peer-reviewed papers published in the last 5 years, including works in IEEE RAM, IEEE RAL, IEEE TMRB, IEEE TBME, IEEE/CAA JAS, MICCAI, ICRA, IROS, and EMBC. He serves as a standing committee member of the Internet Medical Ultrasound Special Committee of the Chinese Society of Ultrasound Medical Engineering and the standing committee member of the Aerospace Medicine Specialized Committee of the Chinese Medical Education Association. He is the lead instructor of the postgraduate module "Robotics Mechanism" and the undergraduate module "Practical and Experimental Robotics" at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS). He is currently supported by a number of projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the CAS Institute of Artificial Intelligence, the MIIT-NHSC pilot project, and the InnoHK R&D platform, and is extensively engaged in prototype development and key technology research of new medical robots.

Work Experience

2022-07~Present  Research Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Automation

2019-11~2022-06 Research Associate Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Automation 

2016-10~2019-10 Research Associate, School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences, St Thomas' Hospital, King's College London, UK

Education Background

2013-10~2017-10 PhD in Biomedical Engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences, King's College London (Supervised by Prof. Kawal Rhode and Prof. Kaspar Althoefer)

2009-09~2013-07 BEng in Biomedical Engineering, School of Precision Instrument & Optoelectronics Engineering, Tianjin University (3+1 Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering, University of Dundee

Example Projects

Selected Publications

1. Wang, H.#, Wang, S.#, Rajamani, R.* Electromagnetic Angular Position Sensing Using High-Magnetic-Permeability Materials. IEEE Sensors Journal, 2022.

2. Wang, H.#, Wang, S.#, Liu, H., Hou, Z., Rhode, K., Rajamani, R.* 3-D Electromagnetic Position Estimation System Using High-Magnetic-Permeability Metal for Continuum Medical Robots. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 2022, 7(2), 2581-2588, 2022.

3. Tang, R., Zheng, J., Wang, S.* Design of Novel End-effectors for Robot-assisted Swab Sampling to Combat Respiratory Infectious Diseases. In 43rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (IEEE-EMBC), 4757-4760, 2021.

4. Deng, Z., Hou, X., Wang, S.* Workspace Optimization of a 6-RSS Stewart-Gough Robotic Platform to Assist Ultrasound Diagnosis. In IEEE International Conference on Digital Twins and Parallel Intelligence (IEEE-DTPI), 230-233, 2021.

5. Zheng, J., Wang, S.*, Housden, J., Hou, Z., Singh, D., & Rhode, K. A Safety Joint with Passive Compliant and Manual Override Mechanisms for Medical Robotics. In IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Safety for Robotics (IEEE-ISR), 1-4, 2021.

6. Wang, S., Housden, J., Bai, T., Liu, H., Back, J., Singh, D., Rhode, K., Hou, Z., & Wang, F.* Robotic Intra-Operative Ultrasound: Virtual Environments and Parallel Systems. IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica, 8(5), 1095-1106, 2021.

7. Bao, X.*, Wang, S., Housden, J., Hajnal, J., Rhode, K. A Constant-force End-effector with Online Force Adjustment for Robotic Ultrasonography. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 6(2), 2547-2554, 2021.

8. Housden, J., Wang, S.*, Bao, X., Zheng, J., Skelton, E., Matthew, J., Noh, Y., Eltirafi, O., Singh, A., Singh, D., & Rhode, K. Towards Standardized Acquisition with a Dual-probe Ultrasound Robot for Fetal Imaging. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 6(2), 1059-1065, 2021.

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