I am an associate professor in Eco-Environmental Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences and a tutor in the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. I was elected to the talent program of the Youth Innovation Promotion Association, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2018. My research interests focus on aquatic ecosystems, including adhesion-mediated biofouling, biological invasion, and monitoring of aquatic organisms. I have published more than 80 peer-reviewed papers, including more than 60 SCI-papers. I have took charge of several research projects such as major National Science and Technology Project, National Key Research and Development Plan, National Natural Science Foundation, Beijing Natural Science Foundation, and China Postdoctoral Science Foundation. 

    Students with professional backgrounds in biology, marine science, aquaculture, environmental science, ecology or material science are welcome to apply for postgraduate examination.

Research Areas


Biological invasion


Aquatic ecology



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