SHI Guangyu,Professor,Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Telephone: 010-82995096
Address: 9804, Beijing, China 
Postcode: 100029

Research Areas

Atmospheric physics and environment, Atmospheric radiation


Ph.D,1982,Tohoku University,Japan

B.S.1968, Shandong University, China


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Graduated students:

Ph.D students: Mr.JIN Xin, Mr.FAN Xiaobiao, Mr.ZHANG Lisheng, Mr.WANG Biao, Mr. WANG Xihong, Mr.HUANG Xingyou, Ms.ZHANG Hua, Ms.MA Xiaoyan, Mr.DING Shouguo,Ms.WANG Hong, Mr.CHEN Bin, Mr.CHE Huizheng,Ms.LIU Yuzhi, Mr.LI Gang, Mr.CHEN Lin, Mr.QIN Shiguang,Ms.CHENG Guangguang, Ms.XU Na, Mr.DAI Tie, Ms.YIN Xiaomei

Master students: Ms.WANG Lingxia, Mr.JIANG Zhong, Mr.CHEN Zhihua,Ms. LI Cuina