ZHANG Yang  Ph.D

(MA student Adviser)
College of Resources and Environment,
University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Telephone: +86-10-6967 2963
Address:19A Yuquan Road, Beijing, P. R. China
Zipcode: 100049

Research Areas

1. Environmental Pollution and Control

(1)Urban and regional scale air pollution (PM2.5, VOCs, ozone);

(2)Atmospheric Reactions (such as SOA formation, aerosol-associated Heterogeneous Reactions,etc.) and their Environmental Health Effects (optical properties, oxidation potential, etc.);

(3)Free radical chemistry and its environmental health risks (EPFRs)

(4)Industrial exhaust gas treatment based on charged spray technology

2. Environmental Monitoring and Instrument Development

(1)Research and development of analytical methods or instruments (particulate matter, reactive oxygen species, etc.);

(2)Greenhouse gas monitoring and instrument development;



Work Experience

  • 2015.12-- Present, University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor
  • 2013.9-- 2015.11, University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lecturer
  • 2011.7--2013.9, University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, GUCAS ) Lecturer/Postdoc. 

Teaching Experience
 Spring Semester of 2011-2012:   Air Pollution Chemistry


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ZHANG Yang, ZHANG Yuanxun, WANG Yuqin, LIU Hongjie and DENG Jianguo. Atmospheric Particulate Matter Sampler. Patent NO. 201210159425.8

ZHANG Yang, ZHANG Yuanxun, WANG Yuqin and LIU Qingyang. Atmospheric Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) On-line Monitor. Patent NO. 201210159432.8  

◇ Shu Jinian, Meng Junwang, Gao Shaokai and Zhang Yang. High Flux Electrode Free Vacuum Ultraviolet Light Source. Patent NO. 2008101051217


Zhang Yang and Da-ren Chen. Experimental Investigation of a Multi‐notched Electrospray. AAAR  36th  Annual Conference. October 16-20, 2017. Raleigh, NC, USA.

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Peking University (PKU) 
Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES)
Institute of Remote Sensing Application, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (RCEES)
Chinese Academy of Medical sciences & Peking Union Medical College
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Clarkson University



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