YU Lijun


Telephone: 010-64807996

​Address: No.20 Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Postcode: 100101

Research Areas

Remote sensing for archaeology and cultural landscapes, Remote sensing application in Sri Lanka.


中华文明探源研究中的遥感技术方法与应用(Remote sensing technology and application in tracing origins project of Chinese civilization), Science Press, ISBN:978-7-03-069248-1, 2021-06


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(2) 一种基于流域系统的稳定性评估及预估方法(A stability assessment and estimation method based on watershed system), CN113886769B 2022-01-04

Research Interests

Remote sening for archaeological investigation, Big data for cultural heritage


Sihang Chen, Master, 085700-Resource and environment  

Jie Chen, Master, 070503-Cartography and geography information system

Honors & Distinctions

Second prize for progress in surveying and mapping technology,  2017