Dr. Peng-Ye Wang
Professor of Physics


Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

No. 8 South 3rd Street, Zhongguancun Haidian District
Beijing 100190, China

Tel: 86-10-82649569

Research Areas

Dynamics of complex systems and biomacromolecules

Current research interests: 

Interaction between DNA and anticancer drugs (e.g. cisplatin, oxaliplatin)

Dynamics of bio-molecular motors (e.g. kinesin, myosin, helicase)

Using quantum dot to study single living cells

The effects of anticancer drugs to single cells

Manipulation and dynamic imaging of single molecules and single cells

Published over a hundred research papers in scientific journals including "Physical Review Letters", "Physical Review A, E", "Optics Letters", "Applied Physics Letters", "Journal of Chemical Physics", "Journal of the American Chemical Society", "Journal of Biological Chemistry", "Journal of Theoretical Biology", "PLoS Computational Biology", "Journal of Molecular Biology", "Biochemistry", "Nucleic Acids Research", "PLoS One", "Scientific Reports", "Nature", etc.

Education and Research Experience


1978-1982 Shandong University, B.S. (1982.8) (Physics)

1982-1988 Institute of Physics, CAS, Ph.D. (1988.8) (Physics)


Research experience abroad:

1989-1991 Postdoc in Istituto Nazionale di Ottica, Firenze, Italy (Prof. F. T. Arecchi group)

1991-1992 Associate researcher of CNRS, France (Prof. Pierre Glorieux group)

1998-1999 Visiting scholar in Risø National Laboratory, Denmark (Prof. Mark Saffman group)

1999-2000 Research Fellow of the Royal Society of London, UK (Prof. R. G. Harrison group)

2006.5-8   Visiting scholar in Stanford University, USA (Prof. Steven Chu (Nobel Laureate) group)

2010.5-11 Visiting scholar in Harvard University, USA (Prof. X. Sunney Xie group)



Published over 100 scientific papers.

Part recent publications:

  1. Yuru Liu, Ping Xie, Pengye Wang, Ming Li, Hui Li, Wei Li, Shuoxing Dou “A model for chromosome organization during the cell cycle in live E. coli” Sci. Rep. 5, 17133 (2015)
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Research Interests

Interaction between DNA and anticancer drugs (e.g. cisplatin, oxaliplatin)

Dynamics of bio-molecular motors (e.g. kinesin, myosin, helicase)

Using quantum dot to study single living cells

The effects of anticancer drugs to single cells

Manipulation and dynamic imaging of single molecules and single cells

Students from the Department of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Basic Medicine are welcome.