TAO, Qi, Male,  Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, CAS
Telephone: 85290252
Address: 511 Kehua St, Guangzhou, PR China 
Postcode: 510640

Research Areas

Mineralogy, Planetary geology, Planetary chemistry, Crystal chemistry, Experimental mineralogy, Mineral synthesis, Mineral materials


2006.8-2010.1 Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mineralogy, PhD

2003.9-2006.5 Jinan University, Inorganic Chemistry, Master



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Research Interests

Genesis of Martian clay minerals, Mineral synthesis and crystal struture, Mineral based materials


Fang, Yan,  Matster  070901-Mineralogy, petrology, mineral deposits  

Zhang, Dan,  Master  070901-Mineralogy, petrology, mineral deposits

Chen, Manyou,  Master  085217-Geological Engineering  

Zhang, Qiang,  PhD  083002-Environmental Engineering 

Zeng, Qiangjin,  PhD  070901-Mineralogy, petrology, mineral deposits  

Zhang, Tianqi, Master student 070901-Mineralogy, petrology, mineral deposits