Hong Pan, Man, Docoral Supervisor, PhD/Associate Professor


Address:1068 Xueyuan Avenue, Shenzhen University Town, Shenzhen, P.R. China.

Postcode: 518055

Research Areas

Cell immunotherapy;  Nanomedicine; Click Chemistry; Virus infection and tracking.


2015/09 - 2018/12, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, PhD

2008/09 - 2011/07, Sun Yat-sen University, School of Life Science, Biotechnology, Master

2004/09 - 2008/07, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Biological Engineering, Bachelor


Work Experience

2011.06 - Present, Research Assistant / Assistant Professor / Associate Professor, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences



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Research Interests

Research interests include nanomedicine, tumor immunity, Cell immunotherapy, and virus infection etc.


1. ChinaNanomedicine 2018. The 3rd International Conference on Nanomedicine, October 15 -17, 2018, Shanghai, China;

2. The 32nd Annual Conference of the Chinese Chemical Society, April 19-22, 2021, Zhuhai, China



胡雨微  硕士研究生  085600-材料与化工  

亢天放  硕士研究生  085600-材料与化工  

Honors & Distinctions

He has presided over a number of scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China81971749,81601552, Guangdong Provincial Natural Science Foundation, the Shenzhen Science and Technology ProgramJCYJ20210324101807020,JCYJ20170818163739458,JCYJ20170306160217433and the Excellent Youth Innovation Fund of SIAT(Y5G004). Moreover, he has also won the second prize of Guangdong Province Science and Technology Award in 2016, and the first class prize of the Shenzhen Natural Science Award for 2020.