Personal Info
Haishan NIU 
Ph.D. Associate Prof.
College of of Resources and Environment
Email:  niuhs(a) 
Tel:  86-10-88256371
Address: NO.19A, Rd Yuquan, Dstr Shijingshan, Beijing 100049, China

Research Areas

1) Water use strategies of plants in steppe, Inner Mongolia
2) Stomata relative parameters in response to environmental factors
2) Quantative assessment of drought severity


BS, Zhelimu Animal Husbandry College, Inner Mongolia, 1994
MS, Inner Mongolia University, 1997
PhD, Institute of Botany of CAS, 2000


Work Experience
Postdoc, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of CAS, 2000-2003
Faculty, Graduate University of CAS (formerly Graduate School of CAS), 2003-present

Honors & Distinctions

Japanese international scholarship, SYLFF Prize at Inner Mongolian University in 1996 and 1997.

First rank scholarship was given as excellent student by Zhelimu Animal Husbandry College, 1990-1994



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Research Interests

(1) I have performed some research to quantify drought severity with growth sensitivity being considered, in the past years. 
(2) Now I am interesting in water-use strategy of steppe plants, especially in how fast of the plants could adjust water-use strategy in response to environmental changes. Stable carbon isotope and microscope analysis are the techniques employed.


Niu, Haishan, Hua Ouyang & Shingping Wang. 2002. Steppe community under middle stocking rate displayed highest resistance and resilience to drought. Proceedings of the VIII International Congress of Ecology. P201.


While closely collaborate with Chinese scientists, I have no international collaborators. If you would like to cooperate with me, never hesitate to contact me with hsh.niu(at), as well as niuhs(at)



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