Xingguo Mo,Professor

Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research

Chinese Academy of Sciences


Tel: 010 64889307   
Addres: A 11 Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China

Research Areas

Mainly focus on land surface processes modelling and data assimilation, including (1) basin/regional energy, water and carbon fluxes predictions under climate change and land use change,  (2) Basin hydrological-hydraulic modelling with remotely sensed surface water extension and water surface elevation information; (3) Ecohydrological parameters retrieving using LSM model and remote sensing.

Climate, ecohydrology, remote sensing, land surface processes model, data assimilation



1990-1993 Institute of Geography, PhD degree 

1987-1990 Nanjing University, Master degree

1983-1987 Nanjing University, Batchelor degree


1993-1996, Assitant professor, Inst. of Geography; 1996-2004,Associate professor in IG, from 2004, Full Professor in IG.
Teaching Experience
Teaching Ecological Modelling at UCAS



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王昆  博士研究生  071012-生态学  

程迁  硕士研究生  070501-自然地理学  

郭瑞萍  博士研究生  070501-自然地理学  

舒畅  博士研究生  070501-自然地理学  

张瑞钢  博士研究生  070501-自然地理学  

胡实  博士研究生  070501-自然地理学  

孟德娟  博士研究生  070501-自然地理学  

邱建秀  博士研究生  070501-自然地理学  

卢洪健  博士研究生  070501-自然地理学  

黄法融  博士研究生  070501-自然地理学  


陈学娟  博士研究生  070501-自然地理学  

刘燚  博士研究生  070501-自然地理学  

何丽鸿  博士研究生  070501-自然地理学