Research Areas

​Applied cryptography and cryptographic module evaluation


2009-09--2014-07   Ph.D., Information Security, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
2005-08--2009-07   Bachelor, Tsinghua University.



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(10) An Efficiency Optimization Scheme for the On-the-fly Statistical Randomness Test, CSCloud, 2015
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(12) A Threshold Scheme for the SM2 Algorithm, 2014,
(13) Hardware Performance Optimization and Evaluation of SM3 Hash Algorithm on FPGA, ICICS, 2012



杜铭枢  硕士研究生  083900-网络空间安全  

韩东池  硕士研究生  083900-网络空间安全  

顾伟嵩  硕士研究生  083900-网络空间安全  

杨欣悦  硕士研究生  083900-网络空间安全