Jiahai Ma     Professor   School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Address: No.19 Yuquan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing
Postcode: 100049

Research Areas

Photocatalysis and environmental photochemistry:

1. Green catalytic transformation of organic pollutants;

2. Environmental Science of Nanomaterials and Microplastics;

3. Environmental photochemistry.


Ph.D.  Physical Chemistry, 2006
Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Faculty,  2009-
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,
Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Post-doc,  2007-2008
College of Chemistry and Life Sciences,
University of Maryland, College Park, USA 


Selective publications

1. Shenjun wang, Xiaonan Tan, Yuhao Wu, Jun Zhang, Zhiyuan Tian, Jiahai Ma*. Isolating micro/nanoplastics from organic-rich wastewater: Co/PMS outweighs Fenton system. J. Hazard. Mater. 2024, 463, 132840

2. Yuhao Wu, Xiaonan Tan, Jiayang Zhao, Jiahai Ma*. α-Fe2O3 mediated periodate activation for selective degradation of phenolic compounds via electron transfer pathway under visible irradiation. J. Hazard. Mater. 2023, 454, 131506

3. Yuhao Wu, Xiaonan Tan, Erqiang Wang, Jiayang Zhao, Jiahai Ma*. A facile strategy to convert low-activity commercial iron oxides and cobalt disulfide into high-activity Fenton-like catalysts: spontaneous generation of 1O2 for aqueous decontamination. Mater. Today Chem. 2022, 26, 101106

4. Zhiwei Yang, Xiaonan Tan, Daojian Tang, Jing Li*, Jiahai Ma*. A tale of two metal ions: contrasting behaviors of high oxidation states of Cu and Mn in a bicarbonate–H2O2 system. Environ. Sci.: Water Res. Technol. 2021, 7, 479-486 (Outside cover picture)

5. Ya Wang, Jiahai Ma*. Quantitative determination of redox-active carbonyls of natural dissolved organic matter. Water Res. 2020, 185, 116142

6. Xuwen Da, Daojian Tang, Ling Wang, Jiahai Ma*. Glutathione promoted Fenton degradation: a cocatalyst based on the –HS/–S–S– cycle with hydroxyl radicals. Environ. Sci.: Water Res. Technol. 2020, 6, 515-522 (Inside cover picture)

7. Guishui Zhang, Daojian Tang, Ya Wang, Jiahai Ma*. Overlooked role of carbonyls of natural organic matter on the dissolution of zinc oxide nanoparticles. ACS Earth Space Chem. 2019, 3, 2786-2794 (Supplementary Cover)

8. Quan Wang, Tuo Li, Pengfei Xie, Jiahai Ma*. MgO nanolayering of Cu2O semiconductors enhances Photoreactivity: superoxide radicals boost. J. Environ. Chem. Eng. 2017, 5, 2618-2657

9. Tuo Li, Zhenwen Zhao, Quan Wang, Pengfei Xie, Jiahai Ma*. Strongly enhanced Fenton degradation of organic pollutants by cysteine: An aliphatic amino acid accelerator outweighs hydroquinone analogues. Water Res. 2016105, 479-486

10. Zilu Liu, Pengfei Xie, Jiahai Ma*. Aqueous photoproduction of Au nanoparticles by natural organic matter: effect of NaBH4 reduction. Environ. Sci.: Nano. 2016, 3, 707-714 (Cover image)

11. Liting Fu, Zhenwen Zhao, Jiahai Ma*, Xuefeng Hu*. A Cavity-confined acceleration of iron cycle for the Fenton-like reaction by β-CD-benzoquinone host–guest complex under visible irradiation. Catal. Commun. 2015, 65, 96-101

12. Rongrong Guo, Jiahai Ma*. Reduction-induced molecular signature of humic substances: structural evidence for optical changes. RSC Adv. 2014, 4, 25880-25885

13. Xiaowen Wang, Jiahai Ma*, Zhenpeng Wang; Rongrong Guo; Xuefeng Hu. Aqueous phototransformation of bisphenol S: the competitive radical-attack pathway to p-hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid. Water Sci. Technol. 2014, 70, 540-547

14. Jiahai Ma*, Rongrong Guo. Engaging in Curriculum Reform of Chinese Chemistry Graduate Education: An Example from a Photocatalysis—Principles and Applications Course. J. Chem. Educ. 2014, 91, 206-210

15. Jiahai Ma, Wanhong Ma, Chuncheng Chen, Hongwei Ji, Jincai Zhao*. An efficient anthraquinone–resin hybrid co-catalyst for Fenton-like reactions: acceleration of the iron cycle using a quinone cycle under visible-light irradiation. Chem. Asian. J. 2011, 6, 2264-2268

16. Jiahai Ma*. Getting a bigger picture in less time: viewing curriculum reform in a Chinese graduate chemistry program through the lens of an organic structure analysis course. J. Chem. Educ. 2011, 88, 1639-1643

17. Jiahai Ma, Rossana Del Vecchio, Kelli S. Golanoski, Erin S. Boyle, Neil V. Blough*. Optical properties of humic substances and CDOM: effects of borohydride reduction. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2010, 44, 5395-5402

18. Jiahai Ma, Wanhong Ma, Wenjing Song, Chuncheng Chen, Yalin Tang, Jincai Zhao*, Yingping Huang, Yiming Xu, Ling Zang. Fenton degradation of organic compounds in the presence of low-molecular-weight organic acids: cooperative effect of quinone and visible irradiation. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2006, 40, 618-624

19. Jiahai Ma, Wenjing Song, Chuncheng Chen, Wanhong Ma, Jincai Zhao*, Yalin Tang. Fenton degradation of organic compounds promoted by dyes under visible irradiation. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2005, 39, 5810-5815



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